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This Week in News – 26th August


G’Day everyone, and welcome to your news wrap up for this week. Since Gamescom has come and gone, there has been a predictable drop in gaming related news, that will probably last for another month or so, until the block of end-of-year releases begins in late September. Nonetheless, I have done my best to find the most relevant, interesting news for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

This Week in News – Gamescom Wrap-Up


Hey everyone, welcome to another special edition of This Week in News. This week we’re wrapping up everything Gamescom related from the past week, and it’ll work a little differently than normal. This time, I’ll give you summaries of the big 3 conferences, and then give you the rundown on announcements made post-conferences that you’ll hopefully find interesting. Enjoy!

This Week in News – Comic-Con Special Edition


Hey guys, this week your news is gonna come at you a bit more content heavy than usual. In case you didn’t know, this last weekend has seen the  biggest annual comic convention seen in the world play out: San Diego Comic-Con International(or SDCC for short). On top of the news that had already been reported prior to this event, a whole lot more was debuted at Comic-Con. So, this week were are doing a Comic-Con Special Edition of This Week in News, featuring double the amount of stories that are usually featured. Believe me, I would have included more if I wanted to, but that would just mean an even bigger wall of text for you to wade through than is already on offer. In saying that, enjoy this week’s eyeball bonanza!

This Week in News – 22nd July


Ahoy everyone, and welcome to your weekly dose of news for the past week. This week’s news sees a range of topics covered, so if you like news about angry former dictators, new gameplay footage of hotly anticipated games, and studio and publisher news, keep on reading. Sound off in the comments below with your opinions on the offerings this week and/or if you feel something important has been missed. Enjoy!

Finally, we are back!


That’s right boys and girls, rawDLC is back! After weeks of crazy changes and redesign, the team at rawDLC is opening the doors and getting ready for a amazing reboot of the website! Check out some of the awesome content that we have planned, new writers, new podcast and some exciting community plans! Click here to find out more!

Games We Missed: 10 games we didn’t cover (part 2)


It’s Monday again and it’s time for part 2 of our list of games we missed. This time we look at blades, doctors, scares and some more music. Join us as we pull out another line up of titles we just couldn’t watch just pass by.