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Discussion: Best control systems


With the wealth of games pouring out in full force I am switching between a huge selection of titles at the moment. Some are great, others, not so much. I’ve spent a lot of time considering how much of a difference precise and well thought out controls can make.

Discussion: DoritoGate – where do you stand?


Ever since the article questioning the nature of PR and games writer relationships broke last week countless websites have spouted their opinions (including us). We want you to weigh in and tell us your thoughts. Is this something that needs to change or is it all just hot air?

Weekend Discussion: Best assassination missions


Having just begun Assassins Creed III, I was reminded of why I love a good clean assassination, a little creepy, yes, I know. With Assassins Creed III and Dishonored out now and Hitman: Absolution creeping up soon, its time to talk assassination missions.

Weekend Discussion: Favourite Strategic Units


Over the past week I’ve been smashing out XCOM: Enemy Unknown and loving every minute of it. With all of the games released lately it’s easy enough for strategy titles to slip through the cracks. Not on my watch soldier. Let’s talk about the best strategic units.

Weekend Discussion: Favourite special move


No matter what your game special moves can make you feel like a badass. With so many variations from giant flurries of kung fu chaos to power beams to good old fashioned explosions, the choices are endless. Lets recognise some of the best of the best!

Weekend Discussion: Favourite Gaming Personalities


If you haven’t heard yet Cliff “don’t call me Cliffy B” Bleszinski has departed from Epic Games. Though the news greatly saddens me each must choose their own path. I will remember him for the impact he had on gaming. In his honor, let’s talk gaming personalities.