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Podcast: Episode 93 – Dead Rising


This week on rawDLC Josh and Dave get their preview on again covering Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and Dead or Alive 5. The guys also talk Starhawk DLC, Minecraft for mobiles, pay their respects to an industry legend and show off the Sleeping Dogs launch trailer.

Show: Starhawk video review


There’s a certain level of excitement for rawDLC when it comes to Starhawk. Maybe it’s Dave’s fondness its predecessor or Josh’s love of the RTS elements. Whatever the reason the lads called down a video drop from the USS Studio 33 to break down the game for you.

Live Show: Episode 83 – Scoping Hawks for pleasure and Payne


This week on rawDLC Josh and Dave smash out a review bonanza. The lads look at the pre-order downloadable bonus Hitman: Sniper Challange, the uber cool space shooter Starhawk, the slow-motion bullet ballet Max Payne 3 and preview Far Cry 3’s multiplayer! They also give a tip of the cap to new peeps to the local scene Gameplanet Australia.

Live Show: rawDLC has a review bonanza in it sights


Holy crap do we have a bumper show for you lucky little scamps this week. We take a look at Hitman: Sniper Challenge, Starhawk and his slow-mo for Max Payne 3. This week is not to be missed! Click here to join the chatroom for some fun, discussion and real views on the state of play in the gaming world. Note that the live video will be kicking off at 8pm Tuesday AEST on the live page.

Review: Starhawk


When I found out that my favourite multiplayer title Warhawk had a spiritual successor in the mix I was both excited and scared shitless. The formula and balancing that made Warhawk a success would be hard to replicate, not to mention it showcased the best goddamned flight mechanics around. Starhawk has charted a different flight path with a smooth approach and picture perfect landing.

Video: Your weekly round-up at the Trailer Park

Each weekend as you’re pining away for a juicy dose of rawDLC or the next Studio 33 episode, rest assured we haven’t stopped thinking about you either. That’s why we’re giving you unfettered access to the Trailer Park: a delicious smattering of the best gaming videos from the last seven days. Just scan on down at the weird, wonderful and wackiest things that have cropped up this week. Enjoy.