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Review: Can SimCity rebuild itself?


simcity-2013-trailer-00Many gaming sites right now are all about SimCity, it’s initial server issues, glitchiness and fan frustration. As the dust settles it remains to be seen if the heavier social direction is a win or a loss. Donning my resource management hat I see if SimCity holds up or is a buggy mess.

Podcast: Episode 117 – The GAP hijacks rawDLC



On this week’s podcast Josh and Dave are forcibly detained at GameArena’s headquarters for a crossover with Luke and Joab from The GAP. Between excessive beers and rambling the lads cover SimCity, Remember Me, ARMA 3, the newly announced Thief and rawDLC reviews Crysis 3.

Podcast: Episode 112 – Death and Civil Engineering



This week the guys toss show notes out the window, throw caution to the wind and run a loose, tangental show. They look at Suda 51’s Killer Is Dead, talk on Dead Island: Riptide’s tower defence styled play, the SimCity Beta and check the first few hours of Dead Space 3.

Interview: Jason Haber on SimCity


simcitySimCity is one of those early PC games that almost everyone has come across at some point. Some made grand cities, others started fires and called down aliens. The 2013 reboot is set to change the whole game. We grabbed producer Jason Haber and picked his brain.

Josh’s top ten must have titles of early 2013



Now that the festive season is at an end and we are all returning to our everyday lives it’s time to get excited about the awesome array of titles arriving in the coming months. Start saving your pennies as this will be one of the best starts to a gaming year ever!