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Wednesday’s Wallpaper: It’s your Density, ahem, Destiny


Hot damn Destiny looks good. Every new screen, gameplay video, voice actor reveal or co-op mission playthrough gives me goosebumps and a welcomingly familiar twitch in my nethers. Here’s a few more tasty treats to feed your ravenous desktop beast.

Screens: Joy to the world! Save Christmas with Saints Row


Christmas_presents_2416800bDoes Christmas seem different to you this year? Do people seem a little jack of  it all? Well never fear, Saints Row 4 has some amazing DLC coming soon to combat the holiday blues. Check out the sweet images below the jump!

Screens: A delicious look at Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty!


sonyoddworldjun12-686x387There are, no doubt, many gamers with fond memories of flatulent hero, Abe and his adventures in Oddworld. As Abe’s fresh jaunt, New ‘n’ Tasty! counts down to release a few screens have surfaced. Has it been worth the wait?

Grand Theft Auto V shows off its commercial success


grand_theft_auto_gta_v-wideWith just on a week to go before Grand Theft Auto V hits the shelves, Rockstar Games’  PR push has hit overdrive. Not only do we have a fresh new batch of screens, but a hilarious video featuring a slew of in game commercials sure to tickle your funny bone.

Artsy-Fartsy: Star Wars 1313 concept art


2013-08-23T11-32-49_0A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Star Wars 1313 promised a more mature walk through the Star Wars universe. Sadly, it was cancelled, but we managed to dig up some sweet concept images so you can lament its loss and muse over what could have been.

Screens: So much Grand Theft Auto V your head will explode


771-1280Foreshadowing the Grand Theft Auto Online trailer reveal in a few days, exactly one month before GTA V launches, Rockstar Games open the floodgates setting free a veritable shitload of screens to delight, amaze and keep you salivating for the next four weeks.