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Why four is a four letter word for franchises (and a God of War: Ascension review)



Sequels can only work for so long before they begin riding the success of the previous games and lose focus on making a new and unique experience. God of War: Ascension takes chances in its attempt to push forward and reinvigorate the franchise. See if it works after the jump.

Podcast: Episode 119 – The Bear God of War



This week Dave and Josh unshackle local mammalian deity, Dusty Cartridge’s Mark Ankucic, to engage Kratos and review God of War: Ascension. The guys discuss EA’s gift giving reparations for SimCity, a few news tidbits and break down Devil May Cry – Vergil’s Downfall.

Show: Starhawk video review


There’s a certain level of excitement for rawDLC when it comes to Starhawk. Maybe it’s Dave’s fondness its predecessor or Josh’s love of the RTS elements. Whatever the reason the lads called down a video drop from the USS Studio 33 to break down the game for you.

Show: First online gaming experience


You always remember your first time. Whether it was in a dimly lit bedroom as a teenager with the door bolted shut or when you were a lot, if not embarrassingly, older the first foray online is always a special moment. Coming straight from their Mom’s basement in Studio 33 the lads from rawDLC detail how and when they each lost their online cherry and who the lucky recipient was.

Preview: Starhawk beta impressions


Anyone who knows me would be well aware that I’m a huge Warhawk fanatic. It consumed my days. I’d forgo eating, sleeping, my marriage and other such trivialities to lead my clan to victory after victory. When the servers became less populated and it slowly died out I was left with a gaping hole in my heart… that was until its spiritual successor Starhawk entered the fold.