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diablo_3_reaper_of_souls.0_cinema_640.0This week we continue our crusade against the evil Malthael in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, investigate our own death in Murdered: Soul Suspect, witness Dave’s transformation from console veteran to PC n00b and take a trip to the murky depths of Rapture once more.

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darksoulsii_featuredNo matter what people tell say, Dark Souls II is an amazing game. Sure you may struggle, strain, scream and die, but the sense of reward has reminded Josh why he plays games. Join him as he explains why we all need a game that makes us struggle for a victory.

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dark_souls2_gallery055This week on the rawDLC podcast Josh talks endlessly about his love for Dark Souls 2 then chats about Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Dave taps in for Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, and then the duo discuss their first thoughts on Diablo III: Reaper of Souls.

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Yaiba-Ninja-Gaiden-Z-Miss-mondayExcited to get my hacky-slashy on again, I jumped into the first few hours of Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z when a familiar feeling arose. Rage. Intense, cheap gameplay, unbalanced enemy fuelled rage. I’d experienced it before and hoped it would subside. It didn’t. Screw you, Yaiba.

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the-raid-2-berandal-critics-tv-spot-previewIf you haven’t seen the action masterpiece The Raid, go snap kick yourself in the face. You’re missing out on one of the most brilliantly choreographed, innovatively shot and downright brutal films of all time. Somehow The Raid 2 – Berandal manages to outstrip its predecessor.

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We’ve covered CoolerMaster’s CM Storm Mech Keyboard and Reaper Mouse, now it’s time to check the Pulse-R Headset off the list. Josh cleans his ears, plugs it in and runs the new set against his ever growing collection. How does it rate? Read on after the jump.

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TitanfallKills_021414_1280This week Dave and Josh play it loose and fast. Dave drops his first thoughts on Battlefield 4 – Naval Strike, then the duo delve balls-deeper into Titanfall and wrap things up with the powered up antics of Delsin Rowe in the PS4 exclusive Infamous: Second Son.

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ThiefThief is a tough title to review. It’s a strange experience with not as much freedom as you’d expect. We throw in our two-cent’s worth before Garrett picks them out of our pockets. Josh shakes off his fanboy-ism to see if this reboot is a steal to treasure always or not.

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02122929265lFollowing the CM Storm Reaper from last week’s Tech Tuesday I took a gander at the other half of this pro gaming set by CoolerMaster. Rocking the same stylish metal finish as the Reaper, this keyboard looks the part but how does it stand up against the industry big dogs?

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Thief_The_Dark_Project_boxcoverAfter a spending an afternoon carefully putting together Dave’s new PC and then unfortunately losing half a podcast due to a computer glitch, rawDLC is joined by The GAP’s Joab ‘Don’t call me Gob ‘Gilroy to do a both on topic and irreverent power review of Thief.

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