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For Your Ears Only: Can games ever really emulate survival? – with Mark Ankucic



At the end of last year the lads had delightful podcast guest Mark Ankucic of Dusty Cartridge who posed an interesting question. Given the popularity of Far Cry 3 and the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot can video games ever properly recreate the hardships of actual survival?

Discussion: Games to finish over the holiday season



Everyone has an ever growing pile of shame games gathering dust as you cast one game aside and moved on to the next like the hussy you are. It’s time to admit your sins. Church is in session and it’s confession time. What will you be finishing during the break?

Discussion: Create your own sequel

01_1600 (1)

Pick a game, any game. Now imagine you were given the cash to take the reins and make a sequel. What would you do? Would you add more guns, change the main character, rework the plot? The choices are endless, so start thinking and let’s start a discussion.

Podcast: Episode 102 – The Internet’s Most Wanted return

Need_for_speed_most_wanted_2012_29 (1)

After several weeks guest starring on The GAP the dynamic duo return with a vengeance. The lads cover gaming legal scrapes, discuss DoritoGate at length and knock out a fast and furious review of Need For Speed: Most Wanted at a break neck pace.

Weekend Discussion: Best combat in gaming


Be it guns, fists or blades, games very often live or die on whether or not the combat works. After playing a ludicrous number of hours of Sleeping Dogs, combat has been in the forefront of my mind. Which games stick with you because of their approach to combat?

Weekend Discussion: E3 – What floats your boat?


Well, another E3 has been and gone with many gamers perhaps feeling just a little let down by this year’s showing. Yet even the dullest E3 still has some pockets of gold just waiting to be mined. It’s time to spill. What were your picks for the hottest games of E3?