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This Week in News – 26th August


G’Day everyone, and welcome to your news wrap up for this week. Since Gamescom has come and gone, there has been a predictable drop in gaming related news, that will probably last for another month or so, until the block of end-of-year releases begins in late September. Nonetheless, I have done my best to find the most relevant, interesting news for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

This Week in News – Gamescom Wrap-Up


Hey everyone, welcome to another special edition of This Week in News. This week we’re wrapping up everything Gamescom related from the past week, and it’ll work a little differently than normal. This time, I’ll give you summaries of the big 3 conferences, and then give you the rundown on announcements made post-conferences that you’ll hopefully find interesting. Enjoy!

rawVideo: Let’s play: Abe’s Odyssey


As the site begins to slowly pick up momentum, new content begins to steam out of this awesome new look, new site member Danii has been hard at work cutting together the first of our new video content. Danii takes us on a quick walk through of one of her favourite childhood games, Abe’s Odyssey.

Platforms Episode 36 – Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Goodnight

Josh Philpott and Dave Kozicki (with David ‘Beardy’ McVay)

Platforms is a gamers podcast by gamers. The podcast is recorded live on Ustream with chat interaction so come and join the fun as your hosts candidly discuss the latest in the gaming world. The podcast is uncensored, explicit, honest and very non ‘PC’. We kick off this week with the trailer for ‘Earthworm Jim HD’, this week’s feature review.

This is a sad and happy day as Platforms ends it’s run on the Geek Actually Network but don’t despair Josh and Dave will return with the new re-branded “DLC Live” show next week at rawdlc.com. Your show links follow:

News: Contra… or not?

When is a return not a return? When a game is not actually being continued at all…

Wait, I’ve confused you…

Well good, because now you know how we felt when we found out this news.

Today the first information came through on the new title to continue the Contra series which is well known by old school fans as one of the hardest games ever created..