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Review: Far Cry 4


This week I got to play a game that I had been looking forward to for many months, Far Cry 4. I couldn’t wait to try out all of the new attack tactics I’d heard about and most importantly, ride some elephants. Here are some of the new features that stood out to me while playing.

Gear: Roccat Syva


After hitting such a home run with the Roccat Kone Pure, we just had to dig back into more Roccat gear to see if they can make more than just a good mouse.
Next up, Roccat try to create a affordable, lightweight in-ear headset. Do they succeed? Read on to find out!

Gear: Razer Adaros DJ


Over the next two weeks, Josh is cleaning out his tech cabinet and doing a solid batch of reviewing. First to the plate is new player in the headphone market Razer with their take on the DJ headset. rawDLC sets up some decks and takes them for a spin!

Gear: Roccat Kone Pure


Every now and then as a tech writer, a product comes across your table that just blows your expectations out of the water. Having tested a lot of mice out over the last few years, based on a price range and a manufacturer, one gets an idea of how good a mouse is probably going to be. So imagine my surprise when I check in with Roccat to see what their current range is like and find my new favourite mouse with a price tag of just over $100! Read on for more info!

Crew View: Stepping into the future together


Once the realm of Co-Op play was dragging a mate around to yours and playing spilt screen. Many gamers want to return to these days. I want to see the future of coming home and joining mates that have been playing for hours and just slotting into the game like I was there from the start. Or jumping on at work or while away from my console and helping out mates through mobile devices.

Review: Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2015 (PC)


As the rawDLC ranks continue to grow, local Sydney writer Alex Raso steps forward to take a look at the next annual Magic the Gathering card game on PC, will it manage to beat last years excellent experience? Read on to find out!