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splinter-cell-blacklistGet ready for a bumper show with looks at Splinter Cell: Blacklist with PC Powerplay’s Dan Hindes, a Diablo III console test-drive and revel in the platforming mastery of Puppeteer and Rayman Legends. Tune in 8pm Wednesday AEST for the rawDLC live feed. Continue reading “Podcast: We’re back with a review bonanza” »

how-pax-australia-symbolises-the-aussie-gamer-999It’s been a week since life returned to some semblance of normalcy in the shadow of PAX Australia. There’s been plenty to read about the three days dedicated to gaming, some good, some bad and I thought I’d weigh in from both a media and personal point of view. Continue reading “Opinion: A heartfelt look back at PAX Australia” »

sneaky_bastards_iconAt an event the size of PAX AUS fleeting moments of disappointment were inevitable. With the sheer volume of people in attendance it was nigh impossible to get into every panel, game demo or concert. The Stealth Gaming Panel was one such hot commoditiy. Continue reading “PAX AUS: Sneaky Bastards’ Stealth Gaming Panel with a non-traditional stealth expert speaker from rawDLC” »


Splinter_Cell_Chaos_TheoryIt’s been a while, since Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, that pure stealth multiplayer left any lasting impact on online gaming. While it may be incorporated in aspects rawDLC and Sneaky Bastards’ Dan Hindes lament its loss and ponder where it could resurface in the future. Continue reading “For Your Ears Only: What ever happened to pure stealth-based multiplayer? with Dan Hindes” »


metal_gear_solid_2_orange_boxWhen Dan Hindes dropped in to rawDLC he was on a mission to educate the lads on the misunderstood stealth genre. Line of sight and sound are key components in gameplay, but just how important is the investigative A.I. and the rules it has been programmed to follow? Continue reading “For Your Ears Only: The importance of Artificial Intelligence in stealth gaming – with Dan Hindes” »

dishonored-dark-visionThe show gets all sneaky with PC Powerplay’s Dan Hindes as the guys chat about stealth and Sneaky Bastards Kickstarter funded magazine. Buckle up for an uncensored view of the state of play in the gaming world. The live feed kicks off 8pm Tuesday AEDST here. Continue reading “Podcast: This week we bring the gift of Hindes-sight” »