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Five reasons to suit up for Injustice: Gods Among Us


injustice_gods_among_us_superman_coverAfter a hands-on with Injustice: Gods Among Us, developed by Mortal Kombat’s NetherRealm Studios, I was surprised by what it delivered. This is not your typical PG-13 superhero smackdown. It is a bloody sight messier and more brutal than I expected.

Discussion: Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat



Any fan of beat ’em ups has come to blows over this question with their mates. Which fighter reigns supreme? But why limit yourself to just one? Imagine Street Fighter versus Mortal Kombat. Sure, it may never happen, but if it did what would be your ultimate 2 vs. 2 team?

Weekend Discussion: Favourite special move


No matter what your game special moves can make you feel like a badass. With so many variations from giant flurries of kung fu chaos to power beams to good old fashioned explosions, the choices are endless. Lets recognise some of the best of the best!

Weekend Discussion: Best finishing moves


Games can be violent. Some show the realistic and horrifying consequences of war. Others show its effects on a person’s psyche. One thing most share are the spectacular over-the-top coup de grâces. So this weekend let’s give it up for the good old fashion finishing move!

Video: A freeze is coming as Sub Zero sets out for revenge

As details trickle in about the revamped version of Mortal Kombat, we’ve gotta admit, we’ve got faith. Having the original developers NetherRealm Studios at the reins is comforting, but more importantly, they’ve left the “PG-13” DC universe behind, abandoned all superheroes and are taking the franchise back to its gory roots. We’ve seen some of the delightfully dismembering and decapitating fatalities, and all the blood you know and love is back with a vengeance, as are the old rivalries. Take a peek at this latest trailer featuring the ice cold assassin Sub Zero.