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This Week in News – 16th September


Hey everyone, welcome to your news wrap-up for this week. News is thankfully starting to pick up again, moving towards the busier time of the gaming year. This is mostly due in part to Destiny, and everything related to it. This week we’ve got lots of release dates for upcoming games, as well as what might have been… Enjoy!

This week in the news


News is a hard world to keep up with and having endless amounts of websites at our disposal, it is hard to know what is worthy of clicking on and what is a waste of time. Don’t despair though, new rawDLC member Aaron is here to give you a glimpse of the past weeks most interesting news. Enjoy!

For Your Ears Only: Can games ever really emulate survival? – with Mark Ankucic



At the end of last year the lads had delightful podcast guest Mark Ankucic of Dusty Cartridge who posed an interesting question. Given the popularity of Far Cry 3 and the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot can video games ever properly recreate the hardships of actual survival?

Podcast: Episode 93 – Dead Rising


This week on rawDLC Josh and Dave get their preview on again covering Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and Dead or Alive 5. The guys also talk Starhawk DLC, Minecraft for mobiles, pay their respects to an industry legend and show off the Sleeping Dogs launch trailer.