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DLC-Crew: Get some in Bad Company 2 this Sat night


Well, it’s that time of the month again. No, we’re not talking about when your lady friend’s ‘aunt’ comes into town for a few days. We’re talking about the monthly get together of DLC-Crew miscreants to see who will come out on top in this year’s leaderboard matches. As the year winds down there’s only two more opportunities to make your mark in a grab for our awesome prize pack.

Snake’s Update: Leaderboard Round 1 – Wrap up

Last Saturday the 26th of March saw the DLC Crew fire up Killzone 3 for the first round of the Official Leaderboard Competition. The night had a decent turn out with 13 members showing up, and while the event was not without initial teething problems, it was a solid start to the competition. Those wanting to compete for a chance to win the ever expanding prize pack of goodies will need to register by become members of the DLC Crew forums to get an clan invite on the night. The direct link to the DLC Crew and registration page can be found here.

News: First DLC-Crew Leaderboard match this Saturday 9pm

We talked about it on the DLC-Live show for the past few weeks and now it is upon us. This Saturday the 26th of March at 9pm (AEST) the DLC Crew will be going head to head with gamers around the PSN in the first Official Leaderboard Match for 2011. The game for each round will be Killzone 3 and you can find a break down of the scoring system here. Most importantly, to be eligible to win the constantly growing prize pack you MUST register at the DLC Crew forums found here. Once you register, Snake will send you a clan invite so you can get amongst the action.

News: DLC-Crew Leaderboard – and the winners are…

After months and months of arguments, heated words, heavy clashes, debates and outright abuse (mainly from me), the DLC-Crew Leaderboard battle for supremacy has drawn to a close for 2010. To be fair, the majority of the abuse came courtesy of yours truly, but still, the battle for the top spot and bragging rights was tough. After a final PS3 round sure to have fireworks between Dawg and Moops, Dawg had to bow out when BFBC2 dropped a near 2Gb patch mere days before the final contest. That said, the final round shaped up as follows.