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Artsy-Fartsy: Aussie Patrick Brown’s fan art


tomb_raider_reborn_contest_by_patrickbrown-d5xs53vUsually we kick off Artsy-Fartsy with some sexy concept art, but after discovering Aussie Patrick Brown’s Deviant Art page we simply had to share it. Filled to the brim with video game and pop-culture icons, he’s perfectly captured the essence of each character.

Video: Move over Freddie W and Corridor Digital, Aussie YouTuber Michael Shanks brings local flavour to fan films


timtimfed_michael_shanks_bioshock_infiniteThe influx of cross media collaborations in the games industry not only bodes well for the future, but it’s gratifying to see publishers and developers utilising talented cosplayers and amateur filmmakers as part of marketing campaigns for new releases.

Artsy-Fartsy: More outstanding fan art


halofanartNow that E3 is over and done it’s time to return to our regular broadcast schedule. To celebrate rawDLC is bringing you another of spectacular artwork batch of talented young up and comers who may end up behind the next year’s title to watch.

For Your Ears Only: The importance of Artificial Intelligence in stealth gaming – with Dan Hindes


metal_gear_solid_2_orange_boxWhen Dan Hindes dropped in to rawDLC he was on a mission to educate the lads on the misunderstood stealth genre. Line of sight and sound are key components in gameplay, but just how important is the investigative A.I. and the rules it has been programmed to follow?

Podcast: Episode 106 – Silent but deadly


This week Josh and Dave recruit Popcorn Taxi’s Chris Murray and longtime Agent 47 advocate to help them scope out Hitman: Absolution. The lads cover Sony’s wacky new Move controller, GAME selling Steam codes and get sidetracked on some crazy tangents.

Review: Hitman: Absolution – is Agent 47 still relevant?


In this sugar-coated candy corn PC world we live in games mainly focused on graphic violence need a softer image to broaden appeal to a new generation. Hitman: Absolution begs to differ. Can it find its niche or is it a lumbering dinosaur like Duke Nukem?