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Why four is a four letter word for franchises (and a God of War: Ascension review)



Sequels can only work for so long before they begin riding the success of the previous games and lose focus on making a new and unique experience. God of War: Ascension takes chances in its attempt to push forward and reinvigorate the franchise. See if it works after the jump.

Podcast: Episode 119 – The Bear God of War



This week Dave and Josh unshackle local mammalian deity, Dusty Cartridge’s Mark Ankucic, to engage Kratos and review God of War: Ascension. The guys discuss EA’s gift giving reparations for SimCity, a few news tidbits and break down Devil May Cry – Vergil’s Downfall.

Podcast: Will God of War: Ascension rise or fall?


god-of-warThis week the lads grab a Viking to disseminate Greek mythology as Dusty Cartridge’s Mark Ankucic as the trio tackle God of War: Ascension. Buckle up for an uncensored view of the state of play in the gaming world. Tune in 8pm Wednesday AEDST for the interactive rawDLC live feed.

Artsy-Fartsy: God of War: Ascension concept art


God-of-War-Ascension-LogoAs God of War: Ascension’s release gets closer and closer, the excitement of its fans reaches fever pitch. The king of blood and death returns yet again to lay waste to anything that gets in his way. While scouring the net, I managed to dig up this super cool artwork. Drink it in!

Video: Your weekly round-up at the Trailer Park

Trailer Park 1Each weekend as you’re pining away for our next juicy podcast we want you to know we haven’t forgotten about you either. Welcome to the Trailer Park: a delicious smattering of the weird, wonderful and wackiest gaming videos from the last seven days. Enjoy.

Live Show: Episode 80 – The three trials of Diablo


This week on rawDLC Josh and Dave defy death and review Trials Evolution the latest greatest title to hit Xbox Live Arcade. They kick off discussing God of War: Ascension, talk about Prey 2’s current status, look at Sony’s new Smash Bros. rip off and wax lyrical on the awesome new Dishonored trailer. If that wasn’t enough Josh also breaks down his experience in the Diablo III beta.