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Weekend Discussion: Best combat in gaming


Be it guns, fists or blades, games very often live or die on whether or not the combat works. After playing a ludicrous number of hours of Sleeping Dogs, combat has been in the forefront of my mind. Which games stick with you because of their approach to combat?

Weekend Opinion: Top 5 videogame sidekicks


Heroes always need sidekicks. In comics and buddy-cop shows, a wisecracking friend can be essential in bringing life to a potentially dull and uninteresting journey without humour. Sadly, they rarely get time to shine as history remembers the victor and forgets the rest. Well, here at rawDLC we think it is time to remember the little guys. Name your top five sidekicks.

Live Show: Episode 76 – Kickstart My Unit’s Journey


This week on rawDLC, Josh and Nachos packed a huge amount into an hour. With Dave still out of action, the guys covered ‘Cliffy B’ lamenting over the tone of Gears of War, Kickstarter and the future of independent games, and a preview for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition. Plus, on top of all this awesome, the lads still tackled two reviews, Journey and Unit 13. 

Opinion: Gears of Whore


Gears of War is done, the story has been told, and closure has been achieved. However, if the gaming world has taught us anything, it’s that publishers will push out more games until a series stops selling.  This means the mythology gets more unnecessary backstory and the fanboys can continue to play the same title over and over. It’s marketing brilliance at its best. But it’s not right.

News: An old enemy returns to Gears of War 3


You’ve got to give Epic Games props for how it’s handling all things Gears of War 3. Besides the sheer awsomeness of the game itself, its robust multiplayer and money saving Season Pass, the downloadable content offers a fresh twist to both the campaign and horde modes. Before the year’s out there will be additions to both and a slew of multiplayer and weapon skins for your collection.

Video: Get a gander at the world of Hunted: The Demon’s Forge

A few of you wee rapscallions may be reading this post thinking, what the crap is The Demon’s Forge, why is it hunted, and why should a give a toss? All valid questions, and this trailer drops a few answers. Imagine a cross between Gears of War and Dungeons and Dragons. A dungeon crawler that rewards exploration and gives you two interchangeable co-op leads to toy with, each with significantly different tactics. Sounds cool, don’t it? Well that’s what those chaps at inXile Entertainment are bringing to the table. Well that, and sexy back.