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Danii gets hooked up to an Oculus Rift and experimented on


Ahh the Oculus Rift. Some hail it as a feat of engineering and the next big step in the world of gaming. Others see it as that thing that made them throw up the one time they used it to play Mirror’s Edge.

Over the last 2 weeks I have been visiting the University of Technology to participate in an experiment involving the Oculus Rift. My cheeks, eyebrows, neck, fingers and heart were all hooked up to some biometric sensors to monitor all of my reactions, and the game I played was Halflife 2.

Love Cyberpunk? Coming soon: METROCIDE

metrocide 2

Last year Flat Earth Games blasted onto the gaming scene with the success of their first title ‘Town Craft’. Now they’ve given us a taste of their next release, the top down stealth action shooter ‘Metrocide’.

Titanfall: Bringing back classic multiplayer, with mechs


titanfall_hammond_robotics_splatter_wallpaper_by_kunfuzi-d7707moAfter dedicating a solid chunk of time to get the rhythm of Titanfall, Josh breaks down his thoughts on this high-velocity online only multiplayer shooter. Join him as he embraces Titanfall’s old school sensibilities, which speaks to his roots as an FPS gamer, with a new mech twist.

Podcast: Episode 152 – Pilot error


Titanfall-TitanThis week Dave and Josh dissect Sony’s VR goggles aka Project Morpheus announced at the Game Developer’s Conference. Dave tries to contain himself over Battlefield 4: Naval Strike and the lads drop their first thoughts on the juggernaut online only shooter, Titanfall.

Podcast: Episode 149 – The Gumbo Show


viking_helmet_2_final_by_craftsman107-d3751grThe boys return after a few weeks off and catch up on news with a massive preview show covering Castlevania: Lords of Shadow II, Evolve and Dark Souls II.  Viking warrior Mark Ankucic of Dusty Cartridge tags along to help discuss the welcome influx of games.

Tech Tuesday: AMD Radeon R9 290


brands-logos-amd-hd-wallpaper-blue-1200x1920px-amd-wallpapers-technology-picture-amd-hd-wallpaperIt’s not often we get the privilege of testing something as powerful as the AMD R9 290. This is one of the newest high-end graphics cards on the market and requires a small nuclear reactor to power it, so naturally we put it through its paces to see just exactly how good it is.