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Event: Ode to the Borderlands 2 marathon

borderlands 2 marathon men

It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times. At the inaugural rawDLC event on the 21st of September even we didn’t quite know what to expect. Grabbing the crème fraiche of the Australasian games industry we embarked on a mission for Child’s Play charity.

Podcast: Can you handle this much wub wub?


After a weekend of marathon mdness the lads from rawDLC still can’t get enough Borderlands 2 and dedicate this week’s show to it. Click here for some real views on the state of play in the gaming world. The live video feed kicks off at 8pm Tuesday AEST on the live page.

Event: Borderlands 2 marathon roster for this weekend


With only a few short hours to go before all hell breaks loose in this weekend’s Borderlands 2 gaming marathon for Child’s Play charity we thought we’d give you the skinny on who’s playing with who (giggedy!) and when over the course of the next forty or so hours.

Event: Borderlands 2 marathon for Child’s Play charity


There are moments in time that define humanity.
Discovering fire, the wheel, walking on the moon, sliced bread…
Then an event of such magnitude makes all pale in comparison.
This is one such moment; big boys (and gals) playing with their toys for two days straight!!!

Opinion: Do we really need a Valve console?


One of the staples of a capitalist society is that we’re never shy of multiple options for that thing we love: everything from socks and jocks to TVs and cars. When it comes to gaming, we can choose from Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo’s respective consoles; and that doesn’t even take into account the versatile gaming prowess of the not-so-humble PC that I’m still in love with.

Live Show: Episode 72 – Fully Mounted Shank


This week on rawDLC, Nachos and Dave take the reins with Josh overseas. Combining Nachos’ birthday with the live show, the lads bring in special guests Joab Gilroy from GameArena and James Cullinane from Gameplanet and talk about Sony’s Vita launch in Australia, Mass Effect 3 and Sleeping Dogs. Plus, they manage to review both UFC Undisputed 3 and Shank 2.