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Finally, we are back!


That’s right boys and girls, rawDLC is back! After weeks of crazy changes and redesign, the team at rawDLC is opening the doors and getting ready for a amazing reboot of the website! Check out some of the awesome content that we have planned, new writers, new podcast and some exciting community plans! Click here to find out more!

Gear: Pop your PC cherry and build a dream machine


For those who missed last week’s feature, hi my name’s Dave and I’m a console-aholic. I’ve had almost every console and handheld known to mankind and I’ve dedicated my gaming life, over 35 years now, to avoiding the so-called scary world of PC gaming… until now.

Gear: Going PC doesn’t have to be scary



I recently wrote a two part feature for Hyper Magazine about making a move from console only gaming to embrace PC. It was a daunting task filled with urban myths about components, building and the risks involved. Here’s the first leg of my journey.

Titanfall: Bringing back classic multiplayer, with mechs


titanfall_hammond_robotics_splatter_wallpaper_by_kunfuzi-d7707moAfter dedicating a solid chunk of time to get the rhythm of Titanfall, Josh breaks down his thoughts on this high-velocity online only multiplayer shooter. Join him as he embraces Titanfall’s old school sensibilities, which speaks to his roots as an FPS gamer, with a new mech twist.

Surviving Tomb Raider in six easy steps


tomb_raider_rifleSo you’ve just grabbed the Tomb Raider reboot and think that in a few hours you’ll be running things in the Dragon’s Triangle. Not so. There are all manner of nasty ready to end you, if you’re lucky, or worse. Take these six tips on board you’ll be making everyone your bitch in no time.