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Podcast: Episode 149 – The Gumbo Show


viking_helmet_2_final_by_craftsman107-d3751grThe boys return after a few weeks off and catch up on news with a massive preview show covering Castlevania: Lords of Shadow II, Evolve and Dark Souls II.  Viking warrior Mark Ankucic of Dusty Cartridge tags along to help discuss the welcome influx of games.

For Your Ears Only: Much Ankucic About Nothing


question-marksAfter taking umbrage at some of the issues raised at our ‘Why So Serious’ panel at PAX, we grabbed Mark Ankucic from Dusty Cartridge to elaborate on the difficulties breaking into the games industry as part of the up and coming new breed. Heated debating ensues.

Raw Cartridge: The importance of character arcs


raw_cartridgeSometimes an idea presents itself just crazy enough to work. Peanut butter + chocolate = Reese’s Pieces, body-building + no acting ability = Arnie and rawDLC + Dusty Cartridge = Raw Cartridge. Welcome to the future of content swapping between our sites.

For Your Ears Only: Spoiling BioShock lnfinite – part II with Mark Ankucic



Continuing our mammoth dissection of BioShock Infinite with Mark Ankucic from Dusty Cartridge we look at the nature of fate, illusion of free will and the weight the consequences of choice brings with it. As with the previous post, there be spoilers ahead.

For Your Ears Only: Spoiling BioShock lnfinite – part I with Mark Ankucic

this one


BioShock Infinite deserves more than just a mere podcast review. It needs discussion and contemplation of its implications, so we sat down for an epic chin wag with our pal Mark Ankucic from Dusty Cartridge. Ye be warned, there be spoilers ahead.

Podcast: Episode 122 – To Infinity and beyond


bioshock_infinite_elizabeth_songbirdThis week Dave and Josh grab Dusty Cartridge’s Mark Ankucic and experience The Rapture all over again in BioShock Infinite. They pour out a little liquor for LucasArts, lament SEGA Australia’s closure and cue up an 80s action montage for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.