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This Week In News – 15th July

News on Parade

Hey guys, Aaron here. This week the news has seen a tonne of game announcements, including new games, DLC announcements and details about previously announced games. It has been a tad difficult trying to pick out the most interesting and relevant ones, but hopefully you will enjoy what I have found, including lots of Destiny related news, old franchises returning and brand new ones as well. Sound off in the comments below if you feel I have missed something important. Enjoy!

Screens: Joy to the world! Save Christmas with Saints Row


Christmas_presents_2416800bDoes Christmas seem different to you this year? Do people seem a little jack of  it all? Well never fear, Saints Row 4 has some amazing DLC coming soon to combat the holiday blues. Check out the sweet images below the jump!

News: Experience the Rapture in BioShock Infinite


burialheader-664x374Irrational Games has been coy about its downloadable content for BioShock Infinite, but today the floodgates have opened. The horde mode addition “Clash in the Clouds” is now available, but it’s the upcoming “Burial at Sea” content has us really excited.

Podcast: Memorize this!


remember-me-memory_wipeTake a trip down the rabbit hole and embrace the mind-fuckery of the stylish, and ever so French, Remember Me as well as some more E3 talk. Tune in 8pm Wednesday AEST for the rawDLC live feed and buckle up for an uncensored look at the gaming world.

Podcast: E3 + PAX + YUG = Acronyms ahoy-hoy


e3-2013-scheduleTo celebrate E3 this week we’ve got an extended show this Friday night with guest PAX AUS’ Yug Blomberg and a bottle of booze and we ain’t afraid to use either! Tune in 8pm Friday AEST for the rawDLC live feed and buckle up for an uncensored look at the gaming world.

Podcast: Get a Gob-ful of Fuse


fuse0031This Wednesday not only do we have ponder over E3 and review Fuse, but we’ve got our pal GameArena’s Joab ‘Gob’  Gilroy in the house! Tune in 8pm Wednesday AEST for the rawDLC live feed and buckle up for an uncensored look at the gaming world.