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Crew view: Meet the crew


If you are a regular here at rawDLC you may have stumbled across the forums, regular comment contributors (I’m looking at you Chad) or seen one of their own articles under the Crew View catagory. All of this content comes out of our tireless team of fans that live over at the Crew homepage. But where did they all come from? Crew leader Matthew White has kindly stepped forward to give us some insight into the long history of this awesome group of people.

Finally, we are back!


That’s right boys and girls, rawDLC is back! After weeks of crazy changes and redesign, the team at rawDLC is opening the doors and getting ready for a amazing reboot of the website! Check out some of the awesome content that we have planned, new writers, new podcast and some exciting community plans! Click here to find out more!

Crew View: Confessions of a trophy enthusiast


12026012-shepherd-with-his-sheep-on-pastureWe’re putting another member of the DLC Crew, our awesome community, under the spotlight. Meet Adin Shepherd, a recovering trophy addict who’s using this post as his confessional to get his feelings about digital accolades of his chest. Take it away Adin.

Crew View: The PlayStation 4 – Failure to launch?


snake072011You may have seen a merry band of miscreants, known as the DLC Crew,  causing a ruckus in our podcast chatroom or Facebook page. Sporadically on Sunday we’ll be giving a crew member the chance to pipe up and voice their opinions. First up is forum big wig Snake.

DLC-Crew: 2011 Leaderboard winner announced


Well its been a hard slog this year, with the game of choice for the DLC-Crew between Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Killzone 3 and back again, but one gamer’s dedication to Saturday Night Smackdown, near legendary sniping skills and never say die attitude reigned supreme. It is with great pleasure we announce the winner of the DLC-Crew’s 2011 Leaderboard competition is…

DLC-Crew: Get some in Bad Company 2 this Sat night


Well, it’s that time of the month again. No, we’re not talking about when your lady friend’s ‘aunt’ comes into town for a few days. We’re talking about the monthly get together of DLC-Crew miscreants to see who will come out on top in this year’s leaderboard matches. As the year winds down there’s only two more opportunities to make your mark in a grab for our awesome prize pack.