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Discussion: Best and worst melee in gaming


GimliAfter bashing Necromorphs by the dozen in Dead Space 3, I couldn’t help but consider the importance of a strong and responsive melee. Sometimes that last desperate swing can be the difference between life and death. Let’s take a look at some of the best and worst examples.

Discussion: Favourite cinematic in gaming



Games continue to up the tecchnological ante in impressive new leaps and bounds. One of the most consistent is in cinematics. From Final Fantasy to Gears of War each developer delivers its own unique stamp in different and mind blowing ways. What are your favourites?

Discussion: What are you buying this month?


calendar-stock-250x150Pinch and a punch for the first of the month. February is here and already we are starting to see some blockbuster titles roll out en masse but you can’t grab everything now, can you? Think about having to work to a budget for games, what would be your selection this month?

Discussion: Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat



Any fan of beat ’em ups has come to blows over this question with their mates. Which fighter reigns supreme? But why limit yourself to just one? Imagine Street Fighter versus Mortal Kombat. Sure, it may never happen, but if it did what would be your ultimate 2 vs. 2 team?

Discussion: Favourite melee weapon in gaming


Knife_Battlelog_IconMost games worth their salt usually have a fall-back weapon. Something without bullets that gives you one last chance at survival be it knife, club, hammer or crowbar. No matter the weapon, it’s guaranteed to have gotten you out of more than one sticky situation.

Discussion: Games to finish over the holiday season



Everyone has an ever growing pile of shame games gathering dust as you cast one game aside and moved on to the next like the hussy you are. It’s time to admit your sins. Church is in session and it’s confession time. What will you be finishing during the break?