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DIR1This week Josh and Dave recruit two lovely ladyfolk, Techlife’s Rae Johnston and Geek Bomb’s Danii Johnstone to help defeat the undead hordes of Dead Island: Riptide. The group muses over the GTA V trailer and how gaming improves your mind-brain. Continue reading “Podcast: Episode 125 – “Urban” balls” »

DIR-Release-DateThis week get infected by Techlife’s Rae ‘Hope you’ve finished BioShock Infinite’ Johnston and Geek Bomb’s Danii ‘Facelips’ Johnstone for Dead Island: Riptide. Buckle up for an uncensored look at the gaming world. Tune in 8pm Wednesday AEST for the rawDLC live feed. Continue reading “Podcast: How can the same shit happen to the same guys, twice? Make the undead die hard in Dead Island: Riptide” »


Ever since I saw Dawn of the Dead I’ve yearned for the perfect zombie survival game. Dead Island was close, but a little unfinished. Thankfully Deep Silver has a second bite at the genre. At a hands-on session I went native to see if this is a step forward or Z-grade trash. Continue reading “Preview: Team-up to survive in Dead Island: Riptide” »

Trailer Park 1Each weekend as you’re pining away for our next juicy podcast or post we want you to know we haven’t forgotten about you either. Welcome to the Trailer Park: a delicious smattering of the weird, wonderful and wackiest gaming videos from the last seven days. Enjoy. Continue reading “Video: Your weekly round-up at the Trailer Park” »



This week on the rawDLC podcast Dave and Josh toss their COG uniforms back on and prepare to rip shit up in Gears of War: Judgment. The lads discuss their hands-on co-op time with Dead Island: Riptide before Dave starts ranting on the storm in a tea cup over Ken Levine’s Tweet. Continue reading “Podcast: Episode 120 – Grinding Gears” »

judgment-default-news-carouselThis week Josh and Dave get their hands dirty with Dead Island: Riptide and review Gears of War: Judgment. Will it be as Epic as previous versions? Buckle up for an uncensored view of the state of play in the gaming world. Breaking with tradition the show will be pre-recorded and not live. Continue reading “Podcast: It’s judgment day for Gears of War” »



This week the guys toss show notes out the window, throw caution to the wind and run a loose, tangental show. They look at Suda 51′s Killer Is Dead, talk on Dead Island: Riptide’s tower defence styled play, the SimCity Beta and check the first few hours of Dead Space 3. Continue reading “Podcast: Episode 112 – Death and Civil Engineering” »