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ButtstallionNow before you get your panties in a twist shrieking “Dave, technically these aren’t all wallpapers. They’re actually screenshots.” Allow me to retort. Shut your filthy pie-hole. I can barely contain my excitement about more Borderlands so suck it up, princess. Ahem.

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1376141053_xuUNFeHA new Dragon Age sequel is in the works and like any good RPG, this means a wonderful world of concept art to sift through. Join us as we browse through some stunning pictures of Dragon Age: Inquisition’s lush forests, decrepit cities and dangerous caves.

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Yaiba-Ninja-Gaiden-ZThere’s little wiggle room with Ninja Gaiden. Most either love it or hate it. It’s punishingly hard and tests your endurance. Well, the first two did. The third was crapola. Yaiba looks to reinvent the series. I don’t know if it will (review incoming), but these visuals sure give me hope.

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Blog-0089-Feature-GraphicIt’s no secret that we loves us a good indie project, especially a Kickstarter success. Hyper Light Drifter has huge potential and absolutely oozes style. If it’s not on your radar get the skinny from Dave’s Hyper Light Drifter write up before soaking in these amazing images.

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Joker52This week I’m keeping things short and sweet. Local artist Patrick Brown has been wowing us with his gaming and pop culture inspired pieces and has recently dropped something irradiated, something infamous and something Crofty. Clickbaity enough for you?

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watch_dogsYou guys have been very vocal in the comments so I’m following your lead. I had a request for Watch_Dogs this week and I relished the opportunity to post more work from one of my favourite digitals artists, SyanArt, as well as some more monochrome offerings I found.

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metal-gear-solid-v-the-phantom-pain-trailer-0Let it be known that I give the people what they want. You guys wanted, nay demanded, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes wallpapers? Well you got them. Next week I’ll be walking on water or maybe I’ll just get this post actually up on Wednesday for a change.

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tlou-logoSome games never leave you and the effect they have is everlasting. The Last of Us was one of those games for me. It just sticks with me. Always keen to find new art for it I recently came across these awesome pieces. Check out the gallery after the jump.

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Dante_(Aquila)_DmCIn my wallpaper searching travels I’ve found some pretty talented artists who take existing gaming artwork and manipulate it into their own vision. Thanks to an artist previously featured, SyanArt, I stumbled on DanteArt over at DeviantArt. Now that’s a whole lotta art.

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VtLU8f5Being a massive fan of the Fallout series, Wasteland 2 has been on my radar for quite a while. These latest images have taken my excitement to a whole new level. Stylish and interesting, they are well worth a look. Check out these wicked new pictures after the jump.

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