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Podcast: Episode 117 – The GAP hijacks rawDLC



On this week’s podcast Josh and Dave are forcibly detained at GameArena’s headquarters for a crossover with Luke and Joab from The GAP. Between excessive beers and rambling the lads cover SimCity, Remember Me, ARMA 3, the newly announced Thief and rawDLC reviews Crysis 3.

News: A collection of Wednesday’s E3 highlights

Due to a combination of exhaustion (thanks to early-morning wake-ups), pork nachos and beer, I wasn’t able to get Wednesday’s E3 highlights online yesterday. Cue sad face. However, the good news is that you get a double dose of Electronic Entertainment Expo news coming your way today. All of this and eternal life awaits you after the jump (DISCLAIMER: the use of the term ‘eternal life’ may actually be Nachos taking creative licence a wee bit too far). So what are you waiting for? Click on through already!