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For Your Ears Only: Are gamers too quick to pigeonhole horror? – with Anthony O’Connor


horror_in_gaming_thumbThere’s been a little backlash thrown toward Dead Space 3 for supposedly not bringing enough scares to the fold. We grabbed horror film writer Anthony O’Connor to dissect what horror is and why are gamers so quick to judge what should and shouldn’t be part of the genre.

For Your Ears Only – Are boss battles still cutting the mustard? – with Anthony O’Connor


mecha-hitler_wolfenstein_3dThere are several schools of thought to end of stage or game bosses. If they’re too tough they run the risk of frustrating and killing the gameplay experience. Too easy or quick time event based and they lack the appropriate impact. Can there be a happy medium between the two?

Podcast: Episode 114 – Markers, spandex and Clickers


dead_space_3_survival_horrorThis week Josh and Dave are joined by horror aficionado and writer Anthony O’Connor to review the final act of Visceral Games’ spooky trilogy, Dead Space 3. The guys take a look at the super powered brawler Injustice: Gods Among Us and dissect new footage of The Last Of Us.

Podcast: We add a dash of Redd to Dead Space 3


dead_space_3_coopThis week local horror writer Anthony O’Connor (of Redd Inc.) joins the lads to explore the creepy, kooky and altogether spooky Dead Space 3. Buckle up for an uncensored view of the state of play in the gaming world. Tune in 8pm Tuesday AEDST for the interactive rawDLC live feed.

For Your Ears Only: Lengthy game openings and engaging your audience – with Anthony O’Connor


Given the mixed reactions to the opening to Assassin’s Creed III, with some loving the slow burn beginning and others criticising its plodding, it posed an important question. How long is too long for an introduction to last before getting the main plot started?

For Your Ears Only: Who will reign supreme as this year’s top assassin? – with Anthony O’Connor


Welcome to “For Your Ears Only” our bite-sized, irreverent audio shows with a special guest focused on a single topic. In this inaugural edition we take a look at Hitman: Absolution, Assassin’s Creed III and Dishonored and discuss who would be the killer elite.