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This Week in News – 23rd September


G’Day all, and welcome to your news wrap-up for this week. This last week has seen Tokyo Game Show, essentially the Japanese E3 – the showcase for upcoming AAA Japanese developed games, come and go, with a lot of cool announcements coming out of it. On top of that, some other interesting stories have popped up, and I have tried my darnedest to find the most interesting ones for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

This Week in News – 16th September


Hey everyone, welcome to your news wrap-up for this week. News is thankfully starting to pick up again, moving towards the busier time of the gaming year. This is mostly due in part to Destiny, and everything related to it. This week we’ve got lots of release dates for upcoming games, as well as what might have been… Enjoy!

This Week in News – 26th August


G’Day everyone, and welcome to your news wrap up for this week. Since Gamescom has come and gone, there has been a predictable drop in gaming related news, that will probably last for another month or so, until the block of end-of-year releases begins in late September. Nonetheless, I have done my best to find the most relevant, interesting news for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

This Week in News – 22nd July


Ahoy everyone, and welcome to your weekly dose of news for the past week. This week’s news sees a range of topics covered, so if you like news about angry former dictators, new gameplay footage of hotly anticipated games, and studio and publisher news, keep on reading. Sound off in the comments below with your opinions on the offerings this week and/or if you feel something important has been missed. Enjoy!

This Week In News – 15th July

News on Parade

Hey guys, Aaron here. This week the news has seen a tonne of game announcements, including new games, DLC announcements and details about previously announced games. It has been a tad difficult trying to pick out the most interesting and relevant ones, but hopefully you will enjoy what I have found, including lots of Destiny related news, old franchises returning and brand new ones as well. Sound off in the comments below if you feel I have missed something important. Enjoy!

Video: Your weekly round-up at the Trailer Park


As you’re sitting at your computer pining away for our next juicy podcast we want you to know we haven’t forgotten about you either. Welcome to the Trailer Park: a delicious smattering of the weird, wonderful and wackiest videos from the past seven days. Enjoy!