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12 days of Wii U podcast: Wii U and the nine month launch window



On this week’s podcast Josh and Dave are joined by the flipside of Geek Bomb’s dynamic duo, Rae Johnston drops in to help cover last week’s epic EA showcase in Sydney. The trio review the Wii U, its gamepad and every game they could get their hands on.

12 Days of Wii U: Assassin’s Creed III review



As we continue to smash through the week,the 12 days of Wii U have taken us to strange and interesting places. Now it we hit some familiar territory, Josh returns to Assassin’s Creed III again to see if the Wii U’s new features can polish up an average game. 

12 Days of Wii U: Can U survive ZombiU?


logo-1346451489The rise of The Walking Dead in all its incarnations has given zombie love a meteoric boost. ZombiU was supposed to offer a hardcore ‘Zompoc’ experience never seen before. Suiting up I entered London with only a cricket bat and six bullets. Will I make it back alive and intact?

12 days of Wii U: Console review


Ho Ho Hoe, Merry Commercial Holiday! rawDLC has decided to help you with your Xmas shopping by doing the research for you. For the next 12 days we’ll break down every aspect, both good and bad about Nintendo’s Wii U launch. First up, the console itself.