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Gear: Pop your PC cherry and build a dream machine


For those who missed last week’s feature, hi my name’s Dave and I’m a console-aholic. I’ve had almost every console and handheld known to mankind and I’ve dedicated my gaming life, over 35 years now, to avoiding the so-called scary world of PC gaming… until now.

Gear: Going PC doesn’t have to be scary



I recently wrote a two part feature for Hyper Magazine about making a move from console only gaming to embrace PC. It was a daunting task filled with urban myths about components, building and the risks involved. Here’s the first leg of my journey.

Five tips to help you survive Dark Souls II


Dying may be a common thing in Dark Souls II, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less frustrating. The endless task of running through dangerous areas to retrieve souls can be maddening. For those of you who are still struggling, here’s a few pointers to keep you alive.

Crew View: Confessions of a trophy enthusiast


12026012-shepherd-with-his-sheep-on-pastureWe’re putting another member of the DLC Crew, our awesome community, under the spotlight. Meet Adin Shepherd, a recovering trophy addict who’s using this post as his confessional to get his feelings about digital accolades of his chest. Take it away Adin.

Talking Battlefield 4 – Spotting and squad commands


bf4_kozeeiiI’m not shy to admit it, I loves me some Battlefield 4. Even with the netcode issues, I feel I’ve more than got my money’s worth after knocking out over 200 hours in multiplayer, and I’m still learning new things. Every week I’ll be passing this knowledge on to you.

Crew View: The PlayStation 4 – Failure to launch?


snake072011You may have seen a merry band of miscreants, known as the DLC Crew,  causing a ruckus in our podcast chatroom or Facebook page. Sporadically on Sunday we’ll be giving a crew member the chance to pipe up and voice their opinions. First up is forum big wig Snake.