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This Week: Mars noir, Bravens and bizarre adventures


Well it’s been one hell of a week. Josh has had to cover every damned thing while I succumbed to sickness giving birth to some horrible snot monster now destroying Tokyo. Cool story Dave, when you getting into the content? Right now dear reader, right now.

Next Week: Zero Theorems, Coolers and Zero Dave


We love mixing things up so this week  so why not throw caution to the wind with some movie reviews, I planned to write tech and instead Josh ended up covering me for a whole week. That kept you scamps on your toes now, didn’t it?

Next week: PC builds, soul suspects and killin’ Nazis


I beg your forgiveness DLC faithful. From the best laid plans to give you most excellent content an insane deadline made it impossible. Instead, you’re getting my take on Murdered: Soul Suspect and transformation from console veteran to PC n00b this week.

Next week – Souls reaped, murdered and raptured


This week we continue our crusade against the evil Malthael in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, investigate our own death in Murdered: Soul Suspect, witness Dave’s transformation from console veteran to PC n00b and take a trip to the murky depths of Rapture once more.

Next week – Cards, Crusaders and cyber-ninjas (round 2)


yaiba_ninja_gaiden_z_hayabusaThe big-arse Blizzard week was cut short due to illness so we’re re-upping it. Dave’s flail deep into Diablo III: Reaper of Souls and Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has taken over Josh’s every waking moment. We’ve even got some Metal Gear, Yaiba and that Wolfenstein preview… finally.

Next week – Crusaders, cards and kicks to the face


reaper-of-soulsIt’s a big-arse Blizzard led week here on rawDLC. We’ll be talking Diablo III: Reaper of Souls and Hearthstone, the crackishly addictive card game, some Metal Gear, Wolfenstein, Titanfall and we’ll be grabbing the heart medication in preparation for sequel to The Raid.