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For Your Ears Only: Much Ankucic About Nothing


question-marksAfter taking umbrage at some of the issues raised at our ‘Why So Serious’ panel at PAX, we grabbed Mark Ankucic from Dusty Cartridge to elaborate on the difficulties breaking into the games industry as part of the up and coming new breed. Heated debating ensues.

For Your Ears Only: Is it acceptable to sacrifice gameplay for a compelling or entertaining narrative?


What-Makes-a-Great-Game-Story-vs-GameplayHave you ever forced your way through a game? It can make or break you, regardless of how tight the narrative may be. Josh, Dave and HYPER>> Magazine’s Daniel Wilks discuss how far you can persevere before losing out to a broken gameplay experience.

For Your Ears Only: Geeks vs. nerds and four letter words


nerd_vs_geek_by_shinigamisgem-d46pmxjCan’t we all just get along? There are enough four letter words used to insult and humiliate, but geeks and nerds still feel the need to draw up battle lines and even argue what defines each side. Isn’t it time to put aside the hate and collaborate?

For Your Ears Only: Spoiling BioShock lnfinite – part II with Mark Ankucic



Continuing our mammoth dissection of BioShock Infinite with Mark Ankucic from Dusty Cartridge we look at the nature of fate, illusion of free will and the weight the consequences of choice brings with it. As with the previous post, there be spoilers ahead.

For Your Ears Only: Spoiling BioShock lnfinite – part I with Mark Ankucic

this one


BioShock Infinite deserves more than just a mere podcast review. It needs discussion and contemplation of its implications, so we sat down for an epic chin wag with our pal Mark Ankucic from Dusty Cartridge. Ye be warned, there be spoilers ahead.

For Your Ears Only: Is there enough accountability in the games industry? – part II with Mark Ankucic


imagesFollowing on from the first part of this For Your Ears Only special on accountability Josh, Dave and Dusty Cartridge’s Mark Ankucic continue to explore the notion of responsibility. The guys discuss the obligation of reviewers to what you should expect from a developer’s finished product.