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Events: Dining with DICE’s Lars Gustavsson


20131002_212446_resizedLast night to celebrate Battlefield 4 and DICE’s Creative Director Lars Gustavsson coming down under, EA set up an evening of entertainment and degustation (or rather de-Gustavsson?) for select media and Dave was lucky enough to wrangle his way into the event.

Fan fare: rawDLC gets interviewed



It’s a rarity for Josh and Dave to find themselves on the other end of the microphone, but that’s exactly what happened down at PAX Australia when the lads from Dominion Gaming cornered the dynamic duo and picked their brains on all things gaming.

PAX AUS: Our “Why so serious?” panel – audio edition


WhySoSerious-Swatch-BlackOn the second day of PAX it was time to take to the stage and deliver an insightful look behind the scenes of games writing. Thanks to a few friends in high places making up the panel, and some more on the day, here’s the entire panel for those who missed out.

Opinion: A heartfelt look back at PAX Australia


how-pax-australia-symbolises-the-aussie-gamer-999It’s been a week since life returned to some semblance of normalcy in the shadow of PAX Australia. There’s been plenty to read about the three days dedicated to gaming, some good, some bad and I thought I’d weigh in from both a media and personal point of view.

PAX AUS: Sneaky Bastards’ Stealth Gaming Panel with a non-traditional stealth expert speaker from rawDLC


sneaky_bastards_iconAt an event the size of PAX AUS fleeting moments of disappointment were inevitable. With the sheer volume of people in attendance it was nigh impossible to get into every panel, game demo or concert. The Stealth Gaming Panel was one such hot commoditiy.

PAX AUS: Final day – Chill out sessions



After a crazy run of panels, insanely frigid temperatures, rain and bustling crowds, there was little that could dampen both our or the heaving throng at PAX AUS’ spirits. With the hard yards done, Josh and Dave moseyed on around and took in the sights.