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Gear: Braven BRV-X


Continuing our trend of sound products, our attention turns away from headphones and towards speakers as we take a look at the indestructible Braven BRV-X. Josh cranks some tunes and puts on his testing hat. Results below.

Gear: Roccat Syva


After hitting such a home run with the Roccat Kone Pure, we just had to dig back into more Roccat gear to see if they can make more than just a good mouse.
Next up, Roccat try to create a affordable, lightweight in-ear headset. Do they succeed? Read on to find out!

Gear: Razer Adaros DJ


Over the next two weeks, Josh is cleaning out his tech cabinet and doing a solid batch of reviewing. First to the plate is new player in the headphone market Razer with their take on the DJ headset. rawDLC sets up some decks and takes them for a spin!

Video: Retro Flashback: World of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck


Starting off her new Retro Flashback segment, Danii digs through her old games collection to bring you a look at the classic Disney game, World of Illusion on the SEGA Mega Drive.

Gear: Roccat Kone Pure


Every now and then as a tech writer, a product comes across your table that just blows your expectations out of the water. Having tested a lot of mice out over the last few years, based on a price range and a manufacturer, one gets an idea of how good a mouse is probably going to be. So imagine my surprise when I check in with Roccat to see what their current range is like and find my new favourite mouse with a price tag of just over $100! Read on for more info!

Gear: Denon DHT-T100


TV sound is never enough, no matter how expensive your TV, watching a good movie or dealing out the hurt in Destiny requires a level of sound output that your small onboard speakers can’t deliver on. Denon’s new plug and play sound bar aims to put a powerful speaker set onto your TV, sans the giant setup.