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4897_96405040597_342199_nDave ‘Shotgun Samurai’ Kozicki

PSN: ko-zee-ii          Xbox Live: giggedygiggedy   

Steam: kozeeii          Origin: ko-zee-ii


Dave Kozicki will occasionally write about himself in the third person. When he does, he’ll tell you he’s been in the games industry for about seven years, as both a writer and as a PR rep, so he’s seen how it works on both sides of the fence. He writes for Official PlayStation magazine, Hyper magazine and AusGamers. He loves games and movies that others love to hate and will defend them irrationally and vehemently till blue in the face. His mouth and opinions frequently get him into trouble. He is also the main reason rawDLC’s podcast contains an explicit language tag.

Josh ‘Tech MacGyver’ Philpott

Twitter: @DoGM3At     Xbox Live: DoGM3At

PSN: DoGM3At84           Steam: DoGM3At


Josh Philpott is actually not human, but rather a government experiment gone horribly wrong. Created in a tank in an underground facility, he was made out of DNA from an 18th century poet, a Mongolian warrior and a Hobo to fill in the rest. He was forced to work years at video game retail counters and over time slowly grew to find a contempt in even the most beautiful things, this developed a super power making him capable of hating objects to death… Which he now uses as a trick at parties. His passion for video games is equal only to his love for film and music, and though he has a tendency to be heavy handed in reviews it all comes for a love of the medium and is equally as passionate when something is good. He is more approachable than he lets on and will talk for hours about films and games without even being provoked, this being said, if he starts staring intently at your face you may want to leave quickly.