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G’Day all, and welcome to your news wrap-up for this week. This last week has seen Tokyo Game Show, essentially the Japanese E3 – the showcase for upcoming AAA Japanese developed games, come and go, with a lot of cool announcements coming out of it. On top of that, some other interesting stories have popped up, and I have tried my darnedest to find the most interesting ones for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!



The Destiny hype train continues to chug along, two weeks after the games release. Activision has announced that the game has made (at retail) $325 million in its first 5 days in North America, officially making it the fastest selling new franchise of all time. Last Tuesday, one week after the games launch, Destiny made the first raid available, the Vault of Glass. Touted as the hardest missions in the game, with players recommended to be a minimum of level 26 to tackle it, the raid was beaten within just 14 hours of it’s release, with the victorious team calculating a total of 1605 deaths across all 6 of their fireteam members.

Destiny breaks records, Raid beaten




Darksiders new publisher Nordic Games, who acquired the license to the franchise along with several others at the THQ auction early last year, has stated that it can produce the same quality of games for less. The publisher was quoting figures from Darksiders 2 production costs, which were up around $50 million. Nordic owner Lars Wingefors said in a recent interview “THQ spent $50 million making Darksiders 2. We can produce a product of the same quality but for a lower cost. $50 million is ridiculous. I can’t afford that.” In regards to building the publisher into a more well known name, Wingefors said Nordic’s aim is to acquire a slew of smaller properties, that may only generate $50,000 per year, and build from there. Although that kind of money amounts to something “EA and the big guys wouldn’t care about,” he said, it will add up to something bigger for Nordic.”

Nordic can make quality games for less



 green cloud

The Australian Classifications Board has shared details of a BioWare computer game entitled “Green Cloud”. The game has been classified as 15+/mature, and is listed as having strong violence and sexual themes, with moderate nudity and language. The summary mentions “online interactivity”, which is interesting, given BioWare recently stated that a four-player co-op mode will run “parallel” to the main campaign in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Hopefully we’ll hear more about it soon.

BioWare ‘Green Cloud’ game listed




League of Legends developer Riot Games has announced a collaboration with the band Imagine Dragons, who wrote a song for the animated video ‘Warrior’ to celebrate the upcoming League of Legends World Championship 2014. Apparently the band are big fans of the game, which made the collaboration more fun to do. You can see the video and download the song (which is really good) here.

Riot and Imagine Dragons release new song for World Championship




During a stage demo at TGS, Hideo Kojima took to the stage to announce a release window for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Unfortunately, he was predictably vague, only saying a broad 2015 window.

MGSV Coming 2015




During their TGS Keynote, Sony revealed more details and a western release date for the upcoming From Software game, Bloodborne. The game will launch in western territories on February 6, 2015, and a collectors edition was also revealed. The collectors edition is definitely in the recent Sony vibe of their AAA collectors editions, containing a steelbook, artbook and digital soundtrack.

Bloodborne release date, collectors edition revealed




Sunset Overdrive’s Game Director Drew Murray has said in an interview with IGN that the original vision/pitch for the game was ‘the Insomniac version of DayZ’. “When we first started in pre-production it was way more grounded,” Murray said. “We didn’t have all this crazy traversal, we actually didn’t have crazy weapons. Sunset Overdrive always had a vibrant and stylized aesthetic, but, basically if we carried on with that it would have become the Insomniac version of DayZ.” Click on the following link for the rest of the article, it’s a great read, especially if you’re an Insomniac fan (like myself).

Sunset Overdrive started as Insomniacs DayZ




Recently, Ubisoft has received criticism for their upcoming game Assassin’s Creed: Unity. Specifically, they have received a lot of criticism regarding the lack of French accents in the game, considering the game is set in Paris, with the main characters speaking with British accents. Creative Director Alex Amancio took to the Ubi blog to explain why this is:
“The idea is that the Animus is translating everything into the language you’re playing in. That’s why, since you’re an Anglophone, you’re hearing all the dialogue and cinematics in English. It would really make no sense for there to be a French accent because that would mean that this French character is trying to address you in accented English. Everyone in the game is not trying to speak English for your benefit.” He further clarified that “the only lines that are going to be translated into English are gameplay-related elements that we need to convey to the player. Those parts will be in English. Everything else is in French. You’ll really have the immersion of walking around in Paris and hearing everyone speaking French.”

Ubisoft explains the lack of French accents in AC Unity




A bunch of information and assets have surfaced regarding a cancelled Mario project, titled Super Mario Strikers. Super Mario Spikers was a wrestling/volleyball hybrid, with a hint of TV game show. The game was reportedly in development for the Nintendo Wii towards the end of 2006. According to the report, the game started off simply as Mario Volleyball. As development on the game progressed, wrestling mechanics were added and it was renamed Super Mario Spikers — a play on the title of the studio’s previous game, Super Mario Strikers (called Mario Strikers Charged Football here). Work on Mario Spikers was reportedly stopped sometime in 2007 after a failed pitch to Nintendo. A former artist at Next Level Games said that the game was only financed in the first place as a reward for the studio’s success with Super Mario Strikers Charged.

Info and assets of cancelled Mario Volleyball/Wrestling game revealed




Finally, in a bit of WTF news for this week, during the Metal Gear Solid V TGS demo, Hideo Kojima revealed the Metal Gear Collection 2014. In what was forst thought to be a new compliation of the etal Gear games, it turned out to be a clothing line. The clothing line includes shirts, pants, shoes and accessories, and is for both men and women. It uses a lot of camo, and extensively uses the FOXHOUND logo. The line will be made available later this year. Anyone interested in sporting some Metal Gear gear?

Metal Gear Collection 2014 revealed

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  • Chad Wheeler

    I can hardly contain my excitement for MGSV, years can go by and my interest can wander all over the place but every time MGS starts making waves again I can’t help but get giddy with excitement.

    I wouldn’t mind some MGS themed clothing, especially if there is something with that iconic Yoji Shinkawa concept art.

  • Skater

    I got a t-shirt with the MGS HD Collection CE with Yoji Shinkawa art of Snake on it. Love it, wear it all the time

  • Chad Wheeler

    I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t at least a little jealous.