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Hey everyone, welcome to your news wrap-up for this week. News is thankfully starting to pick up again, moving towards the busier time of the gaming year. This is mostly due in part to Destiny, and everything related to it. This week we’ve got lots of release dates for upcoming games, as well as what might have been… Enjoy!



If you’re somehow unaware, Destiny, the new game/10 year project from Bungie and Activision, finally released to the public last Tuesday. Since then, Activision has proclaimed that Destiny is “the most successful successful new video game franchise of all time”, shipping $500 million worth of units to retail outlets worldwide. No actual sales numbers have been released yet, but it seems as though Activision has almost already made back its $500 million investment in the franchise. Since launch, it seems as though players have already started hacking the game, with videos being posted on YouTube of players using an unlimited ammo hack on the 360 version of the game. There’s no word if other platforms have been hacked as of yet.

Destiny Biggest Most Successful Launch Ever, Hacked on 360




Microsoft is apparently is serious discussions to purchase Mojang, developer behind the Minecraft series. The proposed deal would see Microsoft become owners of the studio for $2 billion, giving Microsoft complete control over the Minecraft franchise, with intentions to build Microsoft’s mobile platform apparently. The deal isn’t official as of yet.

Microsoft to buy Mojang




Sledgehammer Games’ cancelled 3rd person Call of Duty game was apparently internally titled ‘Fog of War’. The game, set during the Vietnam war, was conceived as a Call of Duty game with the playstyle of Uncharted, according to Sledgehammer’s Michael Condrey. He said “It was really taking our passion for Call of Duty with our experience and expertise from Dead Space and bringing that together to offer fans a new Call of Duty way to play.” He went on to say, in regards to possibly returning to the game, “In our hearts, there’s probably a place for that game,” he said. “You never want to say in absolute terms that you wouldn’t go back to it.”

‘Fog of War’ played like Uncharted




Rockstar have finally revealed the release date for the new-gen and PC versions of Grand Theft Auto V. Previously leaked, and taken down, via online retailers, Rockstar revealed the new versions will release on November 18 for PS4 and Xbone, with a January 21 release date for the PC version. The upgraded versions boast higher NPC and vehicle/traffic counts, longer draw distances, higher resolution character models and new water to name a few, and anyone who pre-orders will receive $1 million in game cash (half for single player, half for multiplayer). All previously released updates to the PS3 and 360 versions will be included, and multiplayer characters will be able to be transferred to the new versions.

GTA V New-Gen Release Date Announced




After numerous lengthy delays, Driveclub, the ‘socially connected’ PS4 racing game from Evolution Studios (best known for the Motorstorm franchise), has finally gone gold. The game is officially on track for release on October 8th, after missing it’s initial release date in launch week of the PS4, and it’s 2nd release date of February.

Driveclub Goes Gold




Techland, best known for developing the Dead Island franchise, have revealed the release date for their upcoming game, Dying Light. Originally planned for release this October, the game was pushed back to February next year to allow the developer to “fully realize our vision of an innovative open-world game”. However Techland released the above image on their twitter account, revealing that the game will release on January 27th, a month earlier than previously planned.

Dying Light Releasing in January



bf hardline

Writer for Battlefield Hardline, Tom Bissell, has taken to the Battlefield Blog to talk about his approach to story telling in the upcoming game, saying that he wants to ‘achieve a tone games don’t often have’. Talking about developing shooters these days, “As a game writer, especially, the military shooter poses real problems, not only in terms of verisimilitude but in the paucity of potential storytelling scenarios. Simply put, I never wanted to virtually invade China, Russia, or Iran again.” To read the full article, click on the following link, it’s a good and interesting read.

Battlefield Hardline Writer Talks about Storytelling in Game




In news that made many a Batman fan weep for joy, Rocksteady has revealed the release date and collectors editions for Batman: Arkham Knight. The game is due on June 3rd, 2015 for PS4, Xbone and PC. Collectors edition wise, two were announced: the Limited and Batmobile editions. Both editions contain an 80 page art book containing concept art, Steelbook, a Limited Edition DC Batman: Arkham Knight #0 Comic, and three unique skins from The New 52 comics. The Limited also comes with a 12-inch Batman statue, whereas the Batmobile edition will come with fully transformable Batmobile from the game. The Limited costs $169.95, and the Batmobile edition will set you back $249.95.

Batman: Arkham Knight Release Date, Collectors Editions Announced




Warner Bros. has announced that Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor has been delayed for the PS3 and 360 versions of the game to November 19th, 6 weeks after it’s new-gen and PC brethren. The only explanation that has been given for this thus far is that more development time is needed for these versions.

Shadow of Mordor PS3, 360 Delayed




Finally, in our WTF news for this week, Italian jeweller Gatti and UAE retail giant Jumbo Electronics have revealed gold versions of the PS4 and Xbone at the GAMES14 Convention in the Middle East over the weekend. The consoles are housed in cases made completely from rose gold, and will set you back $50,000 AED ($15,000 AUD each). Anybody want one?

Gold PS4 and Xbones

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    As someone that was beginning to get bored of Battlefield, I think the move away from the typical war story is certainly a good move, going by what was linked they appear to be thinking the same thing.