An early look at Dead Island 2


Dead Island 2 is on its way! From German video game developer Yager comes the sequel to the widely loved/hated zombie FPS, Dead Island.

While I definitely enjoyed certain aspects of the game, I had a few problems with Techland’s Dead Island (and in turn, Dead Island: Riptide). Before the original game’s release, we saw the beautifully heartbreaking trailer which showed the reversed, slow motion demise of a little girl and her family being ambushed by a horde of zombies. I remember seeing it everywhere simply because it was making so many people cry. As far as trailers went, it was stunning and memorable. Unfortunately the game itself (in my humble opinion) did not recreate such emotions. Any poignant moments during the game were tainted by the exaggerated, almost cartoony character accents and predictably repetitive gameplay. I loved the weapon combining, custom modifications and human v human combat missions, but ultimately I was disappointed that we were promised ‘heart-wrenching’ and given ‘wacky/cheesy.’

However, Yager’s game designer Daniel Nordlander has said they have picked up on this disconnect and made a change in Dead Island 2. You and up to 7 friends will be able to slice, dice and decapitate zombies in as ridiculously a fashion as you wish without any attempts at forced emotional storylines. It’s all going to be fun and as is suggested by the new trailer, the sequel will focus on the humourous side of the zombie apocalypse.  I think this is a great move and I can’t wait to see how crazy the developers will get with it. Here’s hoping we’ll be able to work with other players to create some hilarious mass zombie kills.

If you play the trailers back to back, the intention to move in a different direction is blaringly obvious.

Weapon modification was one of the most successful aspects of Dead Island, and it will remain a major part of the sequel with new mods like ‘freeze’ and ‘pheromone’ being introduced. The mod I’m most excited about is ‘poison’ which will allow you to infect a healthy human enemy with the zombie virus and then watch him attack his allies. Sweet, delicious chaos.

The designers have also been working on the game’s coop abilities.

[PARAPHRASED] ‘You might see an explosion in the distance, go and check it out, and it turns out there’s another player there…and you’ve got to decide then ‘do we want to play together or do we just want to go our separate ways, or even compete against each other?’ We have PvP events happening in the world. So for example, you might see a chopper crashing in the distance. [You] go there and check it out, and when you get close by you enter a PvP zone. So you can compete with other players for the loot on the chopper, but once you’re done with that you can cooperate with them again’ – Daniel Nordlander.

Best of all, we can look forward to new playable character classes and their respective abilities, areas to explore, enemies and weapons!

I’ve heard widely mixed reactions to the original Dead Island. Did you enjoy playing through it (or for that matter, Dead Island: Riptide) and are you looking forward to Yager’s sequel?

Check out the full 10 minute Rev3Games interview with Daniel Nordlander below.  Dead Island 2 is set for release in American Spring 2015 (or Australian Autumn 2015) and will be available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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