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After hitting such a home run with the Roccat Kone Pure, we just had to dig back into more Roccat gear to see if they can make more than just a good mouse.
Next up, Roccat try to create a affordable, lightweight in-ear headset. Do they succeed? Read on to find out!



Choosing a very unique colour scheme, the matte blue & black  plastic design and the lack of weight can make the Syva seem a tad cheap at first glance. Thankfully this is all part of the design and the construction of these headphones is actually impressively damage and scratch resistant.
The choice of materials has been intentional, it is built tough and light to suit the kind of use gamers put technology through. Tossing them in and out of your bag is no problem, the design is built to hand this and the tangle free fettuccine cable will mean pulling them back out doesnt mean 20 minutes of untangling wires.

The Syva headset is also a great choice for those that usually shy away from in ear buds. By taking all of the weight out of the ear pieces, the usually uncomfortable rubber tips sit nicely in the canals of your ears and as you begin listening to music you really notice the difference of a set this light. Once in my ears I found there was no need adjust or reposition at all, they just sat snugly in place. Unfortunately this lightweight design is not completely without flaw, the cable can get a little annoying at times due to the lack of any weight, to counter this just put under your shirt or jacket, but if left unchecked they can bounce around an annoying amount (or at least it bothered me).



Looking cool and having a light build may be some of the best features of the Roccat Syva but it’s not all it offers, it is equipped with an inline remote with a single button that works for either Apple or Android, users can stop and play music, double tap to change track and all of the standard remote features. Though this is a nice addition, and is useful in everyday operations, a volume control seems like it would have perfectly rounded off this sets features, which is honestly afeels like a missed opportunity, but it’s a small price to pay for what it is offering for the money. The Syva also comes with a decent quality omni-directional microphone, perfect for phone use, tablets or  if you are out and about and need to subdue a gaming itch.

Not much more to speak of in the way of features, however the Syva more than makes up for than in sound quality.


It’s always hard to pick how a sub $100 dollar set will sound, this is usually where cheaper headphones fall flat.
However the Syva blew me away, it was impressive from the moment I first pressed play. I was so surprised that I immediately began to put it through every type of test I could think of to push its capabilities. First tested bass, the low tones packed depth and range, lacking a bit of  the expected punch you see with over ear sets but miles above the usually expect for a set this cheap. High and mid also came through strong, good clear vocals, decent detail to its output and no distortion at high volumes. A decent all round sound.

Next up I tried it for gaming. The PS Vita was a great first choice, an hour of Killzone Mercenaries and then a few hours of Left 4 Dead on my laptop and I am happy to report that they were perfectly designed for the mobile gamer. The performance on both devices were wonderful. Vibrant and immersive audio with a no loss of output due to the size. The weight and the compact design made them a perfect tool for users that travel light and those that want to lose themselves in their gaming will definitely fell satisfied with the Syva.


Much like the Roccat Kone Pure reviewed last week, this has had all of the money focused on giving the best performance first and then adding a few important features afterwards. For the heavy tech head, the lack of shiny groundbreaking features may make these headphones seem a little lackluster but if you are tied to a budget and need a durable set of all day ear buds, the Syva is a steal for what you can buy them for online. This set is light weight and strong with an output to surprise even the fussiest of music heads. Another exceptional product out of the Roccat camp.

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