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Over the next two weeks, Josh is cleaning out his tech cabinet and doing a solid batch of reviewing. First to the plate is new player in the headphone market Razer with their take on the DJ headset. rawDLC sets up some decks and takes them for a spin!


Taking them out of the box, the first thing you notice is that these are not your standard style of headphones. The Adaros DJ’s are massive. They clearly aren’t really built for outside use, with the ear pieces designed to be huge and well padded, and the band wide and heavy. Even though the set comes with a travel case you would need a back pack to house them, their large structure restricts hanging them around your neck comfortably. These are not like other headphones we review on rawDLC, these are custom built for Hi-Fi sound, designed around delivering high end output and robust construction for the purpose of DJing and music playback.


Rocking a ridiculous 50mm driver, Razer have really focused on two key strengths: sound and comfort. The giant padded ear pieces slip on like giant clouds and the large comfy headband makes this set perfect for long sessions of play as they literally melt onto your head, you almost forget you’re wearing them. The ear cups on both sides can be completely rotated for checking the monitor output while DJing which can take a while to get used to if you haven’t used this style of head wear before, but this positions the earcups perfectly for maximum comfort. The design also makes them a great choice for PC gaming or media playback, plus by simply switching to the cable over the the thick bungie cord provided the set is ready for any 6.5mm device, perfect for high end amps or vinyl playback. Though they may not be as versatile as some of the sets we have reviewed on this site, however having a devoted pair of Hi-Fi Headphones can be a great excuse to zone out to an album or dig through your vinyl collection for some musical inspiration and for this kind of use, these headphones are perfect.


Having a big driver is not the only reason that this set sounds so good but it definitely helps, on top of powerful drivers the tuning is perfectly designed around the kind of music one would DJ. Deep low end sound, great for hip-hop and dance, and rich mid range, which is a must when trying to beat match your songs. The output of sound is intense, so watch your volume control while wearing these beauties, they are almost too powerful for their own good at times. However, even with good tuning and loud output, these headphones do suffer a small amount when you are looking for clean vocals and classical string works, this large speaker design seems to push for punch before clarity, however this can be overcome on the most part by some clever EQ teaks.


For the music enthusiast or the budding DJ the Adaros is a great pick to add a bit of style and geek cred to your set up. The prices around the net have these at around $200, which is a fair price for the quality they are offering. These are the kind of set you have plugged in whenever you need to sooth a musical itch and having them around has naturally lead me to listen to more music. For those looking for the all around headphone set for all of their audio needs this may not be the one to aim, for but for those wanting purpose built music makers, look no further than the Adaros DJs.

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  • Chad Wheeler

    If a larger portion of my income was disposable I would certainly own some headphones with this kind of output, I loves me some good sound quality.