Love Cyberpunk? Coming soon: METROCIDE

metrocide 2

Last year Flat Earth Games blasted onto the gaming scene with the success of their first title ‘Town Craft’. Now they’ve given us a taste of their next release, the top down stealth action shooter ‘Metrocide’.

‘You play as legendary contract killer T. J Trench, taking out the trash one target at a time. Play through the tree zomes of retro-futuristic and cyberpunk inspired Metrocity earning cash for completing kills in this brutal stealth-action game inspired by such classics as Syndicate and Grand Theft Auto.’ –


I have had the privilege of witnessing Metrocide’s development from it’s conception during a Cyberpunk Game Jam back in March. What started as ‘We need to create a game in 10 days’  became ‘Let’s see what we can turn this into’ (a rather appropriate representation of the innovative attitudes of developers Rohan and Leigh Harris). I am fortunate enough to be a contributing voice actor and musician for Metrocide, so of course I am VERY excited for it’s release in the coming months (albeit, a little bias).


‘Call it a catharsis project. Hyper-violence, extreme difficulty and a cyberpunk aesthetic make me a happy boy. Makes me warm inside’- Leigh Harris, Flat Earth Games. 


metrocide 1


If you’d like to receive updates, ask questions or just have a chat with the developers head over to and join the mailing list. As for my own personal review?


‘A blood-spatter 3D pixel-tastic hunt ’em down shooter that will leave you frustrated and addicted, like a partner that pisses you off but is great in bed.’


 – Danii ‘FaceLips’ Johnstone


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Danii 'FaceLips' Johnstone is a writer and voice actor who started out as a stand up comedian. Things she loves: 90's cartoons, quantum physics, retro games, Jim Carrey, new gadgets, video game arcades, imagining herself doing parkour and then watching Scrubs instead. What she hates: E.T, stick insects, E.T dressed as a stick insect. Weird and pointless achievements: Came 2nd in a nationwide Fruit Ninja competition. Also knows Animaniacs' 'Nations of the World' off by heart.

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  • Chad Wheeler

    That looks pretty sweet! I’m getting flashbacks of the first two GTA games which can only be thought of as a good thing.

    Also the game is going to be for a platform I own this time, which makes me even more interested.

  • Dickbutt

    Isn’t this a bit of a ridiculous conflict of interest? You’re writing an article about a game YOU’RE actually in.

  • Chad Wheeler

    I disagree, she’s excited by a game she is to be a part of and wishes to help get the word out. The way I see it, indie game devs need all the help they can get when it comes to advertising.

  • Danii Johnstone

    Not at all. I am completely upfront about being involved in the game, that I have been involved from the start AND that I’m bias. If I had written an article after the game’s release, not mentioned that I was involved and said ‘Wow! This is the greatest game I’ve ever played!’ that would be a conflict of interest. As Chad pointed out, I am simply excited to talk about a project I was involved in.

  • tom

    you should put a list of the voice actors up
    all of them