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As Josh continues his endless adventure for the perfect set of headphones,  the time has come to show off one of the world most lethal weapons in the war for musical freedom. Meet the amazing Jaybird Bluebuds X’s.

nexusae0_image27We have covered some amazing ‘phones over the past year, some great, some average at best. However, this set has more to offer buyers than most Bluetooth sets, and at a fraction of the price, how? Read on to find out.


The thing that gets you from the moment you pull them out of the packet is how ridiculously light the whole unit is. Two tiny in ear units, a thin fettuccine cable and a simple remote system for both android and apple. The buds may be the strongest part of design, but the passion is in every part of the product from the stylish case and accessories right down to the charging cable, everything is tailor made and simple. The set is aware that not one size fits all, three different sized ear tips are provided to help you find maximum comfort, and there is also adjustable fin sizes as well to help you secure you headset better.

The headphone are also robust, there are thick rubber protectors around the ear buds reducing the chance of cable damage. Even the charging cover and port are built out of fortified materials to help keep them running for longer. Truly amazing design.



The Bluebuds X has a great focus on the digital aspects to its sound output, they have SignalPlus technology giving you seamless Bluetooth connection even when you are at your most active. The phones also use a custom Bluetooth SBC codec, which reconfigures the way data is transferred over Bluetooth, reducing packet loss and increases the clarity of your music. Plus if that wasn’t enough PureSound filtering is running tirelessly while you listen, removing white noise to reduce listener fatigue.

But the technology doesn’t stop with the sound quality, these little wonders also allow the user to pair up to 8 devices at once, meaning that there is no need to delete and re-pair your devices when you switch, just click on the bluebuds on the devices list and it will switch the connection (which is awesome if you are used to the useless option users usually have to use). Also, due to avoiding newer versions of Bluetooth and sticking with the tried and true Bluetooth 2.1 (which they point out is all they need to do high definition sound) the Bluebird X manages to offer about 8 hours of music and a ridiculous standby time of 250 hours!



Out of all the Bluetooth headphones I have used, the Jaybird Bluebuds X has by far the best balance between price, power and decent construction. Sitting in stores here in Australia for around $199, these buds offer value that is rarely seen in a tech world like we live in now. This headset is not being designed to work for a year and die, this company has devoted itself to creating the best and lightest headphone set for everyone to enjoy, no matter what you do with them.

Tech heads will love the technology inside, sports junkies will love the cordless freedom and all of us will enjoy a headphone set that is made to offer maximum ability for a reasonable price. If any of this sound remotely interesting, buy these headphones. You WILL not regret it.

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  • Chad Wheeler

    They look awfully nice, even though I tend not to bother with expensive earbud headphones, however if I did have a spare $200 lying around I would without a doubt give them a go. I usually treat the headphones I take out of the house like the cheap shit they are but I suppose if I spent more than $20 on them they would get a bit of love and last longer, but I digress. These headphones look fuckin’ nice.