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If you are a regular here at rawDLC you may have stumbled across the forums, regular comment contributors (I’m looking at you Chad) or seen one of their own articles under the Crew View catagory. All of this content comes out of our tireless team of fans that live over at the Crew homepage. But where did they all come from? Crew leader Matthew White has kindly stepped forward to give us some insight into the long history of this awesome group of people.


The DLC Crew Welcome to the new look RawDLC site. To go with the new site and reboot I’d thought I’ll give you a bit of history of the wonderful band on miscreants that inhabit the show’s chat room and the sites comments.

The DLC Crew started many years ago in April 2004 as the forums for Derwent Howard and their magazines of Official Australian Playstation Magazine & Official Australian Xbox Magazine. For a solid 3 years the forums continued strong until April 2007 when a new project headed by Chris Stead (Now editor of Game Informer Australia) was launched.

The forums moved over to the new site of early April 2007. It was here many of the editors and writers of the Playstation & Xbox Magazines go to know the readers and the forumrites of the site. The Gameplayer site also saw the birth of what would become the DLC Crew. In early February 2009 just before the launch of Killzone 2, the Site ran a competition to meet the Developers of Guerilla Games, the makers of the Killzone Series. Out of that comp four unlikely people met, Snake PSIress, Bagmup & Riftinducer. At Fox studios Snake when seeing how the Clan system worked in KZ formed the idea of creating a clan for the Gameplayer site. The Gameplayer Clan was born.

After getting the clan set up in game Chris Stead was approached to see if the clan incorporated into the Gameplayer site. Chris jumped at the idea. The clan was in full swing. Snake was tasked with running the PS3 side of the clan and as Gameplayer was a multiplatform site, PSI stood up to run the Xbox side of things. July 09 saw the clan start a leader board comp with Killzone 2 being played on the PS3 & Call of Duty 4 MW on the 360.

Platforms & the Death of Gameplayer.

imgresIn October of 2009 Our New Zealand member Sidawg found an odd little podcast called Platforms Hosted by Josh Philpott, Dave Kozicki and David McVay. It was a gaming podcast to compliment their Movie podcast on the Geek Actually Network.

The GPs (as we were known by Dave K) loved the show and filled the chat room on a weekly basis. Server Issues and poor performance started to affect the Gameplayer site and after several weeks DH pulled the plug and Gameplayer was pronounced dead on the 18th Nov 2009. Snake started a Facebook group to keep the clan alive while a new home could be found and after 4 days without a site, the forums were reborn and hosted on a free forum site on the 21st Nov 2009.

With a new home the clan continued running social nights and monthly comps and slowly started to grow. In March 2010 Josh & Dave entered into talks for a new venture. Unknown to the clan at the stage Snake had put forward the idea of the clan joining the guys as the official forums & community of Platforms. But this was not to be, at least for the Platforms merger.

The Birth of the DLC Crew

With talks still going ahead for a merger with Josh & Dave’s now named RawDLC project the Gameplayer Clan renamed itself to the DLC Crew in late May 2010. Platforms aired its final episode on the 15th June 2010 with the new show of RawDLC starting 2 weeks later on the 26th.

The partnership with RawDLC saw the forum membership grow to an impressive 107 members. With the forums growing it was decided that the free hosted site wasn’t meeting our current needs. In Feb 2012 the move to the Enjin hosted site was made. The new site provided us with a whole range of features. The new features and look of the site gave the Crew a new look that all of the members loved.

As the time passed it was decided that a social media presence was needed for the crew so a Facebook page was created to run along the forums. Launched in May 2014 you can find the Crew’s FB page slowly building and providing awesome news content and gaming meme’s as be bit of light entertainment.


Gaming Nights

Since the start of the Crew we have run social gaming nights. These are still currently going on a variety of games but currently Battlefield 4 is the favorite. Our Leader board Comps are currently in hiatus hopefully to return soon.


Into the Future

The Crew is always looking for new members to join the forums and add to the discussions, and create more chapters in our history.  With our continued partnership with RawDLC we hope to see ours and the RawDLC communities and websites grow to become strong names in the gaming industry all while having fun, after all we are a merry band of miscreants.

To join the DLC Crew head over to

Find us on Facebook

Matt “Snake” White


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  • Chad Wheeler

    After being singled out it would’ve been rude not to comment this time.

    Great write up! If I recall correctly I joined up about half way through this story. I have fond memories of those KZ2 games.

  • adin75

    If I recall, I became a regular during the end of the DH era, time flies.

    With the new BF4 dlc dropping we will have to set up another social night.

  • Skater

    If I remember correctly, I joined Gameplayer just before the move to the free site. I saw the ad in OPS mag. Those KZ2 games were great fun.
    Just before KZ2 launched, I won access to an event at FOX studios to play the game, talk to the devs and compete for a copy of the game. Was that the same event as mentioned, or was it another one?

  • Snake

    Same one but may have been a different time. If it was through game player we would been at the same time. Other Magazines/ websites had different times. But it was all on the same day

  • Bagmup

    So many years have passed…

  • alpheon

    I remember joining the Derwent Howard forums as like the 20-somethingth (totally a word) member. No one was posting at the time so I left and forgot about it for quite a while, then rejoined the following year under a different alias, and sad to say spammed the crap out of the board for its remaining years like any self-respecting teenager. The board went down with myself being in the top three posters I believe. XD Oh how times have changed.