Have you heard about… Last Life?


Point and click adventures are made for in-depth examination, but what if you’re investigating your own murder? That’s the question posed by recently funded Kickstarter project Last Life, the Double Fine endorsed detective story set on, of all places, Mars.

Pretty obvious who shot first here

Earth has been destroyed with only a score or so million humans left kicking. In the eleven years since its passing humanity has relocated to Mars. Life is not good. The United Corps, seemingly squeaky clean elite law enforcers, patrol MarsTopia and keep everyone in check. Robot and advanced AI are commonplace and you, Jack Parker, are a Private Investigator who has just suffered from and acute case of death. As I said, life is not good on Mars.

Three seconds to street pizza

As luck would have it a Mars tradition on the public holiday Dead Man’s Party is to 3D print all the recently deceased back into existence so they can enjoy one last final hurrah before they bite the big one four hours later. The clock is ticking. Jack has only a few scant hours to break free of the 3D lab, track down his killer and maybe even uncover the secret behind Earth’s demise. It’s just all in a day’s work for this gravely voiced pseudo-dead gum-shoe.

What’s not to like about this project? The style, look and tone are all ripped from classic noir and the jazz tunes are spectacular. The idea of 3D printing as a for of reincarnation is brilliant and I’m enamoured by everything I’ve seen so far.

Those of you who want more info on this killer looking indie release can hit up Last Life’s Kickstarter page. Help support the little guys. This is looking like something special.

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  • Chad Wheeler

    I’ve been keeping an eye on this one for a while, it looks really interesting.