Games We Missed: 10 games we didn’t cover (part 2)


It’s Monday again and it’s time for part 2 of our list of games we missed. This time we look at blades, doctors, scares and some more music. Join us as we pull out another line up of titles we just couldn’t watch just pass by.

Time to die!

Masumura Rebirth (PS Vita)

Another great game for those that have a PS Vita. Masumura Rebirth is a remake of fondly remembered Wii title Muramasa: The Demon Blade, a high octane hack and slash RPG with a huge amount of customisation and depth. Players wield three powerful blades at a time, each with their own special attributes and super moves. Each battle is short and sweet, but the difficulty ramps up as you push through and once you find your footing with the controls, this game is hard to put down. Irritatingly addictive.

Oh hi, do you know the way... Oh crap...

Outlast (PC, PS4)

This one is not for the faint of heart. Removing the ability to defend yourself, Outlast is one of those games where every pin drop will have you running for a cupboard or diving under a bed. Your character is stuck in an abandoned psychiatric hospital (of course) filled with homicidal patients, and your goal is simply to explore and survive, scavaging what you can and avoiding capture. Though it may be a tad intense for some people, the game is well worth the small price tag, even if it may have you sleeping with the lights on for a while!

I hate seafood!

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams (PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U)

As a fan of the original Commodore 64 classic, I checked out Twisted Dreams for nostalgia, I stuck around because it turned out to be a well made platformer. This reboot is a success story from the kickstarter world, complete with music from the original composer. The game features tough boss battles, plenty of levels and hours of entertainment. Check it out.

Shh, shh... don't cry now.

Surgery Simulator 2013 (PC, Mac, Linux, iPad)

Many years ago I was asked if I wanted to be a doctor, I decided against it. Years on, this game has proved to me that it was in everyone’s best interest that I didn’t. The game is not much of a simulator, unless you see a doctor who thinks ribs should be removed with a hammer (and if so, please check his or her medical license). What it is however is one of the funniest experiences you will ever have. No other game will have you preforming a heart bypass as your first mission using a hand saw and a small rotating circular blade, and no matter how steady your hands are, you will end up causing unnecessary and hilarious amounts of damage to your patient.

Retro gorgeous

Symphony (PC)

Though Beat Hazard (from part one) is a wonderful music game, Symphony is by far the best music shooter around. The game creates a fictitious situation in which your music has been invaded by an unknown entity who wishes to turn your own music against you.  You must fight your way through your own music to beat this enemies minions (bosses) and eventually free your music. On the way you will unlock new weapons and equipment that you equip to your craft. Each song has different enemies and styles, gamers will find that even the strangest of songs will make an entertaining level, and the unlocks keep you coming back, endlessly.


Ok people, that is my list of games I have missed, have you played any of these? Do you want to?

Do you have any titles you picked up on a sale, or brought on steam only to find out it was amazing?

Toss your newly found joys below and start a conversation!

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  • Chad Wheeler

    Ahh Surgeon Simulator, I love that game. It’s not often a game comes around that has me yelling in frustration and laughing at the result.