The (really) Lonely Planet Guide to: Fallout 3


4157-fallout-3-1280x800-game-wallpaper Having poured more hours than I care to share into Fallout 3’s Capital Wasteland, it occurred to me many of you haven’t seen and enjoyed this wonderful post apocalyptic world. From me to you comes this short list of must visit hot spots for wasteland backpackers.

Moriarty's_SaloonBars: Moriarty’s Saloon

Sure, it may not look like much from the front (you had better get used to that though) but Moriarty’s Saloon is a wasteland oasis for those with a dry mouth and a taste for danger. Nestled high up in the centralized location of Megaton, those that are new to the Capital Wasteland would do well to make it an early stop on their trip through this beloved hole in the ground. New patrons are advised not to upset the locals as barflies are far from the cast of Cheers, however many of the colorful folk are likely to share stories if tempted by a cold beverage or some caps (money). Gob, the local barkeep may look intimidating but a few kind words will sway him and regulars are usually looked after.


Moriarty’s is a happening place in the evening and those looking for company will be happy to know that the staff will be more than accommodating (if that is your thing). Not only is this a wonderful drinking hole but Megaton is also an ideal spot to refuel and reload before starting your journey to the darker and more exciting spots around the area.

OasisGroveTourist spot: The Oasis

The only unspoiled location in the whole wasteland. Green and lush, the Oasis is a perfect place to spend some time relaxing, especially for the nature lovers out there. Nestled high up in a corner of the wastelands, this little paradise is clean and inviting. The natives known as the tree minders are a little strange bunch but they are friendly enough, most are happy to tell you about the area if asked. Also, don’t forget to check out The Oasis’s main attraction while you are there, an odd mutation has caused RAD mutated into a tree which is the centre of this town. Oasis is well worth the long hike it takes to get to it, the adventurous travelers are bound to find the trip well worth the effort.


ScreenShot490Tourist Spot: Lincoln Memorial 

Nothing quite a good dose of history, and why not take a moment to look at the way life was before the tragic undoing of modern society. OK, so it needs to be said that the place has fallen into a bit of disrepair but this doesn’t make it any less interesting to visit. If you are a rough type you may be able to make friends with the local residents, however they are slavers so the wrong conversation could leave you fighting for your life or worse, locked up in chains. This guide would advise the later as the region is under turmoil and tourists may get sucked into a war they didn’t plan on getting involved with. There is plenty to scavenge around this area if you are low on items and plenty of wild life roaming around as well. Though we don’t encourage petting. 


Vault_106Trip out: Vault 106

Usually we would remind people that drugs are illegal, however in an apocalypse we don’t feel we really need to have that section anymore. Regardless, it is best to warn travelers that this is not an attraction for the faint of heart. Vault 106 has a tragic history in which the “vault dwellers” were exposed to large and constant doses of heavy psychotropic drugs that were pumped in through the ventilation systems. Tragic as it may be, this area has never had it’s air flushed out and so those game enough to take a walk around inside have experienced intense hallucinations and bizarre side effects. Of course, this trip is not for the inexperienced, our guide would like to suggest that only the most experienced of users attempt this one as those that are unprepared may find themselves waking up in the middle of the desert with no clothes on and one hell of a dry mouth.


So travellers? Have you been to the wastes before? Do you have some of your own favourite locations you want to share? Is this guide making you think about taking a trip soon?

Toss a comment in the section below and help us to start a conversation.

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  • Chad Wheeler

    This write up was unexpected, but quite amusing, it brought back some fond memories of the excessive amount of time I spent with Fallout 3 all that time ago. I hope word on Fallout 4 surfaces soon.

  • DoGM3At

    Just wanted to do something different, I love the environments in Fallout 3.