Screens: The fap-tastic Batman – Arkham Knight


Batman-Arkham-Knight-Rock-Steady-WB-Games-8While the last batarang thrown, Batman: Arkham Origins, didn’t exactly deliver a knockout punch the surprise announcement of Batman: Arkham Knight a few weeks ago sent fanboy pulses racing, ours included. We’ve got some new screens and info after the jump.


The biggest shocker was a brand new villain created by developer Rocksteady in collaboration with DC Comics. Named the Arkham Knight, he seems to be a mix of Anarchy and a mechanised batsuit. This could just be a red-herring to keep us off the scent, but Rocksteady is usually pretty straight-forward so it’ll be interesting to see how he/she fits into the existing canon.


There have been rumblings you’ll be working very closely with both Jim Gordon…


… and his daughter Barbara, also known as ‘Oracle’. There have been hints about family tensions coming to a head. Could there be some craziness on par with the adult content of the exceptional graphic novel, The Killing Joke (obviously minus The Joker)? Colour me intrigued.


Whadda they call you? Wheels?


The Arkham Knight gets some John Woo styled action on.


And looks like he/she’s getting the best of Bats. Has The Dark Knight met his match?


What has me excited is the introduction of the Batmobile. I can’t wait to see how you negotiate through Gotham, rumoured to be 20 times the size of the hardly small world of Batman: Arkham City.

Any Batman release by Rocksteady is immediately on our watch list, but Batman: Arkham Knight could be a console maker for next gen. How does it rank for you? Id this on your must have list? Fussed or nonplussed? Chime in below and let us know.


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  • adin75

    The Arkham Knight is a pretty badass design. Can’t wait to rip around in the Batmobile, shit is going to be awesome.

  • Chad Wheeler

    This game is sounding pretty fucking awesome so far. The Arkham Knight vaguely reminds me of Batman when he was temporarily replaced in the Knightfall story arc.