Podcast: Episode 152 – Pilot error


Titanfall-TitanThis week Dave and Josh dissect Sony’s VR goggles aka Project Morpheus announced at the Game Developer’s Conference. Dave tries to contain himself over Battlefield 4: Naval Strike and the lads drop their first thoughts on the juggernaut online only shooter, Titanfall.

Die puny human!

Die puny human!

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Too fast, no chance

Too fast, no chance

Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod for supplying the intro track.

Mad props to EA for review copies of Titanfall.

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  • Chad Wheeler

    Great show as always!

    On the subject of VR I feel that it works best with slower paced experiences, something like Skyrim that gives you a whole world to explore at your own pace and doesn’t have super fast paced combat would definitely benefit from this.

    As for Titanfall, it’s fun but I feel that arguably the most important part (the shooting) is kinda boring. That said it’s easy to pick up and play for a few rounds without being bogged down by complexities. The 40mm cannon is quite powerful but I also really dig the arc cannon and railgun. The railgun is only good for taking down titans, it sucks the balls against pilots and minions. As for pilot weapons, I like the SMGs and the shotgun.

    I’m waiting for Dark Souls 2 to come to PC before I play it, I just hope it isn’t the buggy mess of a port that the PC version of the first Dark Souls was.

  • PSIress

    Looking forward to checking out Naval Strike with you all.

  • kozeeii

    Played it today. Awesome maps, the best yet.

  • PSIress

    Downloading as we speak.