Artsy-Fartsy: (More) The Last of Us concept art


tlou-logoSome games never leave you and the effect they have is everlasting. The Last of Us was one of those games for me. It just sticks with me. Always keen to find new art for it I recently came across these awesome pieces. Check out the gallery after the jump.


Home, home on the range.


Shit, where’s my umbrella?


Peak hour sucks balls.


Go or don’t go?


Be very, very quiet…


A bit of a fixer-upper but a steal at the price…


…and the Kitchen is to die for.

Were you a fan of The Last of Us? Have you played the DLC? Do you like the art?

Give us your two cents in the comments field below and have a good weekend!

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  • Chad Wheeler

    The Last of Us really was a fantastic game, I wish I could’ve played the DLC myself but I’m without a PS3 so I did the next best thing and watched a playthrough on youtube so at very least I got to experience it.

  • PSIress

    I never did finish this, I can’t even remember why.